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 Fire Protection Supplies and Equipment

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  • SimplexGrinnell : is the industry leader in Fire Protection, Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm with over 150 offices throughout the USA. Annual Certifications, Testing and Emergency Repairs available with one phone call.P021704
  • AeroTech Ltd. - A-10 Warthogs will be converted to FireHogs. The fire fighting airtankers are described in detail and this site includes an interactive Message Board.
  • Allestec Corporation - manufactures modular special hazard gas and fire safety controls.
  • Volkin Electronics, Inc. is stocking distributor of board level components including but not limited to: Semiconductors (ICíS, memory, micro controllers, CPUís, etc.), Capacitors (Tantalum, Ceramic), & more servicing OEM; CEM; Distributors; Engineers and commercial customers of computers, telecomms, industrial, medical equipment, automobiles, gaming and other.
  • Allied Fire Alarms & Escapes Co Ltd - installs alarms, emergency lighting, nurse call systems, and steel fire escapes. Also supplies extinguishers and heat and smoke detectors.
  • Allstar Fire Equipment - equipment, clothing and apparatus.
  • Amerex Corporation - manufactures hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, pre-engineered automatic restaurant and vehicle fire suppression systems, and gas and fire detection devices.
  • AnnexMark Co., LTD. - manufacturer of fire sprinkler escutcheons, canopies, rosettes, headguards, fire bells and fire alarm system accessories.
  • Ansul Incorporated - fire extinguishers, systems, agents and application solutions.
  • APi Group, Inc. - members provide services in construction, fire protection, manufacturing, and materials distribution.
  • Auburn Manufacturing, Inc - manufacturer of high temperature textiles available in the form of tape, rope, cloth, tubing, drawstring and blanket.
  • Badger Fire Protection - markets and sells Badger industrial fire extinguishers and Range Guard commercial kitchen appliance fire suppression systems.
  • BFPE International - total fire protection equipment and service company.
  • Boise Mobile Equipment - manufactures of fire trucks, rescue and interface apparatus.
  • BOLES Fire Services
  • Bradley Lomas Electrolok - provides access control, emergency lighting, fire alarms and smoke control equipment.
  • Brand Fire Protection Services - originators and developers of cellular concrete, innovators of the silicone foam penetration seal, makers of SE-foam fire barriers.
  • Cache Plus - order Forestry FireFighting Equipment online through secure ordering.
  • Cairns & Brother Fire Helmets - makers of traditional and modern fire helmets. Site includes catalogs, product information, company history, and pricing.
  • Casebolt Fire Equipment
  • Clearis Inc. - fire extinguishers and hazardous material (Hazmat) clean up products. Bioremediation products.
  • Control Fire Systems, Ltd - engineers, designers, and installers of special hazard fire suppression systems for commercial and industrial enterprises. Committed to responsible Halon management.
  • Cordova Fire Equipment - fire fighting equipment includes, nozzles, valves, tips, and fittings.
  • Crouch Fire and Safety Products
  • Dalmatian Fire & Safety Inc. - suppliers of safety equipment worldwide.
  • DCS Testing & Equipment - specializing in fire protection and foam systems for the petroleum, chemical, aerospace and manufacturing industries.
  • Delaware Valley Fire Equipment - supplier of commercial and residential fire related supplies such as hinge hooks, duty wrenches, goggles, smoke detectors, and more.
  • Delta Fire, Inc. - automatic fire protection contract services and equipment manufacturer.
  • Done Deal Enterprise, Inc. - makers of custom LED displays, fire station alert and communications systems, phone card vending machines, and MDB vending controls.
  • Eagle Gear - manufactures fire packs, day packing equipment, and accessories for wildland and urban interface firefighters.
  • Edwards Systems Technology (EST)
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems - making single unit, early warning detectors for smoke, fire, and gas.
  • Everlert Inc. - manufacturer of portable smoke alarms encased in plastic ornamental cases.
  • EZ-PUP (Performance Under Pressure) - offers a way to fight fire not fatigue.
  • Fire Brigade Inc. - specializing in gear bags and nomex hoods for fire departments and firefighters.
  • Fire Engineering - for your training, drills, firefighting classes, and educational develpoment needs.
  • Fire Escape Systems - offers a complete line of portable chain/rung, rigid aluminum and permanent fixed fire escape ladders for homes, apartments and offices.
  • Fire Fighters Equipment Company - northeast U.S. distributor of fire fighting equipment.
  • Fire House, The - offers supplies, station uniforms, insignias and equipment for fire departments and other public safety organizations.
  • Fire Protection of Arkansas - fire extinguisher sales and service
  • Fire Ram International, Inc. - provides sales and consultation regarding types of fire protection, fire vehicles, communication, scuba, rescue, and building systems.
  • Fire Ranger Fire & Safety, Inc. - retailer of fire extinguishers, suppression systems, emergency lighting, marine fire equipment, and safety pamphlets and brochures.
  • Fire Research Corp. (FRC) - fire equipment manufacturing company specializing in tele lights, flowmeters, and governors.
  • Fire Tech - supplies many types of safety products for fire, rescue and industry.
  • Fireboy-Xintex Safety Systems - environmentally correct fire safety systems. Halon alternate, fe-241, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, gas, flame, fume, and natural gas detectors.
  • Firecode Safety Equipment
  • Firefighters Bookstore - books, videos, and software for firefighters and specialties of the fire service including technical books, reference books, leisure reading, and kids' books.
  • FireFreeze Worldwide, Inc. - manufacturers of fire-retardant products.
  • FireSeal Engineering AB - fire rated penetrating seal systems for onshore and offshore use.
  • Flag Fire Equipment - supplier of industrial fire extinguishers, wheel units, hose racks, NAF-S III systems, and more.
  • Flame Seal Products, Inc. - offers flame retardant liquid chemicals, coatings (non-toxic) for fabric, wood, paper. Wraps for cables and cable trays.
  • Flamestop - spray canister fire suppressant that uses natural air to activate the wetting agent.
  • Fox Fire Safety, Inc. - provides complete fire protection, fire detection, and fire suppression systems for home and business.
  • FRC International, Inc. - reclaims and manages Halon 1211 and Halon 1301 found in fire suppersion systems, purchases systems being taken out of service and manufactures new systems.
  • FSI - manufactures fire retardant spray.
  • Gentex Corporation - makers of automatic dimming rearview mirrors and commercial fire protection products.
  • Getz Fire Equipment Company
  • Getz Manufacturing - provides equipment designed primarily for the servicing of portable fire extinguishers.
  • Globe Fire Sprinkler Corperation - manufacturs and distributes 100% tested fire sprinklers, valves, piping, and more.
  • Globe Firefighters Suits - manufacturer of firefighters protective apparel. ISO 9001 registered.
  • Grace Industries - safety and accountability systems for firefighting.
  • Great Escape Company, Inc. - offers a full array of fire escape services.
  • GSB - Gesellschaft für sicherheits (GSB) - fire safety products in Neumarkt, Germany.
  • Guardian Fire Equipment, Inc. - manufactures fire fighting equipment.
  • H3R, Inc. - buying, recycling, or selling bulk halon and/or halon fire extinguishers.
  • Haight Fire Equipment Supply - offers firefighting equipment and industrial safety products for fire departments, businesses and homeowners.
  • Halotron Incorporated - manufactures environmentally acceptable clean fire extinguishing agents.
  • Harold D. Hard Company - sales and service of fire protection products.
  • Haven Fire and Safety, LLC - distributors for major brands of fire protection products.
  • Heiman Fire Equipment, Inc.
  • Home & Office Fire Extinguishers Ltd
  • Home Safeguard Industries, Inc. - offers the Smoke Detector Tester.
  • Hometown Fire & Safety Co., Inc. - products offered include extinguishers, alarms, exhaust and suppression systems.
  • Hoseking - specializing in fire hoses and other fire equipment.
  • HotShield USA, Inc - fire resistant wildland firegighter face mask, which protects from flame and smoke.
  • K.S. Sirens - fire and EMS gifts, collectibles, and equipment.
  • Kamp Fire Equipment - full service fire protection equipment company. We sell and service ANSUL, Kidde, Badger and other fire protection equipment.
  • KK Products - Manufactures selectable and fixed gallonage nozzles, foam tubes, valves, and foam injection proportioning systems, for your emergency fire department wildland, urban, and municipal needs.
  • KME Fire Apparatus - Pictures and information about KME's line of custom built fire apparatus (pumpers, aerials, rescues, and tankers) and fuel transport trucks for the commercial, governmental and military marketplace.
  • L.A. Rescue - manufacturer of gear bags for firefighting and EMS use.
  • LaFrance Equipment - municipal, industrial, and airport firefighting applications. Includes catalog listing, email and fax pages.
  • MEDC Ltd - designs and manufactures alarm, signal, and control equipment and systems for potentially explosive atmospheres and harsh environments.
  • Metz - manufactures a 100-foot tower ladder and other fire equipment.
  • Milwaukee Strap - manufacturing firefighting equipment including helmet chin and hose, hose i.d. bands and tool carrying systems.
  • N.Y. Fire-Shield, Inc. - manufactures fire and flame retardant products.
  • Naefco - supplier of fire and safety equipment.
  • National Firefighter Corporation - supplying wildland fire equipment, including fire clothing, hose, pumps, mobile attack units and tools.
  • New England Fire Equipment - sales, installation, and service for all types of fire protection equipment.
  • No Climb Products Ltd - manufactures smoke detector and fire detector testing equpiment.
  • Nochar - manufacturer of fire safety products, water filtration media, and hazardous spill control products.
  • Nordic Systems Inc. - manufacturer of tank truck components, hose reels, cable reels, and many types of fire fighting equipment.
  • Northeast Fire Apparatus - used and virtually new fire apparatus.
  • Northeast Fireshield, Inc. - distributor of fire retardant chemicals and flame proof penetrants.
  • Northstar Fire Protection of Texas Inc. - specializes in the design and installation of automatic fire protection sprinkler systems.
  • P & R Products Company - turn-out storage systems designed by firefighters for the fire service industry.
  • Pool Dog Fire Pumps - poolside fire pump designed for rapid deployment in the event of a fire emergency.
  • Protectowire Co., Inc. - fire and heat detection systems, fire detectors, heat detectors, special hazard prevention systems.
  • PT. Kiat Sentika Indonesia - maker of Combat fire extinguishers under license from Lingjack Engineering Works.
  • Public Safety Equipment Co., Inc - sells fire safety equipment.
  • Pyrogard Technologies - manufactures conventional and analogue addressable fire alarm systems.
  • R.J. Price Ltd. - offering insulation fabrication and supply, asbestos removal, and fire protection system programs.
  • S&S Security Systems, Inc. - offering burglar and fire alarm equipment.
  • Safe Fire Detection, Inc. - providing early warning air sampling technologies.
  • Safetech International, Inc. - manufacturer of fire alarm control panels and accessories.
  • Safety Media, Inc. - maintenance free exit lights, fire log books and fire safety training.
  • Saulsbury Fire Rescue, Inc. - builder of stainless steel custom fire & rescue apparatus.
  • Scotty Firefighter - nozzles, inductors, back packs pumps and portable foam systems for fighting residential, commercial and forest fires.
  • Securitex Inc - specialists in NFPA approved firefighter protective clothing & turnout gear, using Nomex, Kevlar and PBI fire fighting fabrics.
  • Slagle's Fire Equipment
  • Snuffer Corporation - compressed air foam fire fighting systems for use on most types of fires.
  • Summit Environmental Corp. - manufactures and distributes products for putting out fires, for weight and stress loss, and for personal care.
  • Tamer Industries - makers of standard and custom-designed machine enclosures for controlling noise, splash, chips, dust, mist, smoke and other workplace pollutants.
  • Task Force Tips - manufactures automatic nozzles, handlines, master streams, portable/deck and industrial monitors, valves, playpipes and foam tubes for your firefighting department needs.
  • Telefire - manufacturer of fire and gas detection technology.
  • Tilley Fire Equipment Company - fire protection equipment and services.
  • Tri-M Partners Inc. - makes a smokeless smoke detector tester for residential and commercial use.
  • V & S Industrial Supply, Inc. - wholesale and retail supplier of safety products, filters, hose, fittings, couplings, valves, v-belts, and many other items.
  • Verde Environmental, Inc - manufacturers of Micro-Blaze microbial fire extinguishing agent and Micro-Blaze emergency liquid spill control.
  • W.S. Darley & Co., Inc - fire apparatus manufacturer, emergency equipment supplier, law enforcement equipment supplier, and government supplier.
  • Walter Kidde - fire extinguishers.
  • Warrington Group Ltd. - Descriptions and photos plus contact information for our bestselling and best performing fire fighting boots (both NFPA and wildland).
  • Westech Suppression Systems - complete services from the first site inspection to the final commissioning of the new fire system.
  • X-IT - makers of an emergency escape ladder.
  • Yongtai Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. - manufactures fire vehicle and double jacket fire houses and branchpipe valves. Also makes agriculture hoses.
  • 1st. Unit Fire & Safety Inc - provides fire safety and emergency medical services to the movie industry.
  • AB Fire Prevention Ltd. - manufacturers of fire alarm systems.
  • ACD Salvage Techniek - supplier for firefighter and hazmat equipment including decontamination showers and spillbags.
  • Aerial Inspection - independent nondestructive testing and inspection company specializing in aerial device equipment.



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