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Chemical Equipment:

Chemical Equipment, agitators, reactors, heat exchangers, mixers, storage and feed equipment.
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  • Aaron Equipment Company - NEW - We buy, sell & trade New, Used, Unused and Reconditioned process equipment worldwide. Over 30,000 pieces of machinery in stock. Reconditioning services available in house.
  • Western Welding Co. - Call: 520-384-3868 - For Sale - Baltimore Aircoil FXT-216 Cooling Tower Mfg. 2002; Redman Stainless Steel shell and tube Heat Exchanger, 24" x 288" x 1203 sq. ft., 2 Pass Floating Head, 4,500,000 Btu/hr Mfg. 2002, Your Preferred Supplier of METAL AND NON-METAL BALLS Ordered Today - In Stock Shipped Today - Any Time Over 40,000 Part Numbers in Stock. Member since 11-11-03
  • California Pacific Lab - providers of eco-funnel and chromotagraphy funnel and analytical services to the chemical and
  • pharmaceutical industries. 
  • Volkin Electronics, Inc. is stocking distributor of board level components including but not limited to: Semiconductors (ICíS, memory, micro controllers, CPUís, etc.), Capacitors (Tantalum, Ceramic), & more servicing OEM; CEM; Distributors; Engineers and commercial customers of computers, telecomms, industrial, medical equipment, automobiles, gaming and other.
  • Alaqua, Inc. - designs and manufactures evaporators and crystallizers for the food and dairy and chemical processing industries.
  • Arnold Equipment Company - Specializing in buying and selling used equipment and machinery for the chemical and related processing industries.
  • Chem Systems Inc. - Developers of custom chemical mixing, storage and feed equipment.
  • Chem-Flow, Inc. - manufacturing chemical feed systems.
  • Chemi Therm - designing and supplying agitators, reactors, heat exchangers and mixers to the chemical industry.
  • Chengda Chemical Engineering Coporation - designing process and production equipment and facilities for the chemical industry.
  • Chlorco - sales and service of Chlorinators, chemical feed equipment and metering pumps, and safety equipment.
  • E.T. Oakes Corporation - designs and manufactures mixing and depositing equipment for the food and chemical processing industries.
  • Enpac Corporation - secondary containment, spill prevention and industrial handling products.
  • Gold Coast Equipment Company - specializing in marketing, consulting, and appraising pharmaceutical equipment.
  • GS Manufacturing - producing equipment for chopper guns, fiberglass reinforcement plastics, resin transfer molding systems, spray finishing systems, gel coater, pump catylist, silicones, epoxies.
  • Houston Boilerworks - provides a specialized service to chemically remove scale deposits from the internal passages of boilers, piping, and heat exchange equipment.
  • Indian Springs Specialty Products Inc. - producer of HazMat safety equipment including protective clothing, SCBA, gas detection and training devices.
  • Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co (LCEC) - source of new and surplus chemical process equipment.
  • Misco - offers a complete line of refractometers including handheld, digital, and laboratory.
  • Phase Dynamics, Inc. - produces oil and chemical analyzers including water cut, low cut, high cut, column scan and produce-based analyzers.
  • Porter Company - makes Safetycase, a chemical containment system made to customer specifications.
  • Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company (PESCO) - custom design and manufacture of chemical processing and recycling equipment.
  • Resin Kit - plastics resin analysis kits.
  • Sampling Systems by PMMI, Inc - offer liquid and gas sampling systems.
  • Sirius Analytical Ltd (UK) - resources on ionisation, lipophilicity, electrodes, partitioning, electrochemistry and titration.
  • Special Projects International - buys, sells, brokers and consigns quality food and chemical processing equipment, packaging machinery, and stainless steel pre-treatment washers.
  • Stem Corporation - develops and manufactures equipment for laboratory applications.
  • Tradico International - supplying tank-related products for petrochemical industry.
  • Veegee laboratory Equipment and Supplies - importer and distributor of economical laboratory supplies, distributor of atago refractometers, nova microscopes, sibata and bomex glassware and bellweather porcelain.
  • Visco/Alpha Corp. - source for Schott electrochemistry and viscometry products.


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