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Nails, Screws, Fasteners, metric nuts, bolts, screws, aluminum, nylon, washers, steel, stainless, brass, silicon, bronze
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  • Volkin Electronics, Inc. - Member - We are stocking distributor of board level components including but not limited to: Fasteners, Semiconductors (IC’S, memory, micro controllers, CPU’s, etc.), Capacitors (Tantalum, Ceramic), and more servicing OEM; CEM; Distributors; Engineers and commercial customers of computers, telecomms, industrial, medical equipment, automobiles, gaming,...
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  • Ankr-Tite - manufacturing industrial fasteners for all types of light and heavy construction projects.  wej-it  - The founder of wedge anchor technology, oldest manufacturer of the one-piece mechanical anchor, and maker of the Original wej-it  wedge anchor, wej-it remains a premier American manufacturer of concrete expansion anchors and adhesive fastening systems. We specialize in fastening solutions.
  • Atlantic Fasteners - an ISO 9002 certified industrial fastener distributor offering nuts, bolts, screws and other fasteners from stock.
  • Avery Knight & Bowlers Eng Ltd   Established over 25 years ago and based in the City of Bath in the south west of England, we supply Tools and Materials for Construction, Engineering and DIY throughout the United Kingdom. We also provide specialist hand tools for Stonemasons and Woodcarvers, these are items which we also export.
  • Avibank Mfg., Inc -. we are among the world's leading manufacturers specializing in the design and production of sophisticated fasteners and multi-component fastening systems and devices.
  • B. S. Engineering Works -  a leading company engaged in manufacturing of quality fasteners, screws and bolts since 1984 serving the needs of Indian Industries. We manufacture custom made precision grade screws and fasteners in our two units in New Delhi employing a dedicated workforce. To cater industrial needs, we have gone in for expansion in our manufacturing line with advanced technology. With our high quality standards we satisfy, customer demand for high quality strength fasteners.
  • Barnhill Bolt Co., Inc - Full line fastener distributor home page with list of products, spec.sheets & order form. We like to think that we do our share in holding the world together :) In the 40 years Barnhill Bolt has been open, the company has earned a reputation for being the place to find the "impossible." If you have ever had a tough time finding the right nut or bolt, you'll be glad you found our site. When no one else has it, we usually do -- and in stock! We carry nuts, bolts, all kinds of industrial fasteners, and some stuff that's just plain weird.  We also sell all of your everyday fasteners at the lowest prices you will find.
  • Advanced Fastener -  is a full line stocking distributor of industrial fasteners dedicated to providing a superior level of service and quality to our customers.  Our experienced sales staff is prepared to meet all of your fastener requirements. We also assist in the development of fasteners custom designed for specific applications.  This includes problem resolving and cost reduction programs. The cornerstone of our growth is our flexibility to meet the changing needs of our customers.
  • Aircraft Fasteners, Inc. is a master stocking distributor specializing in self-locking nuts (locknuts), threaded inserts, and related high performance hardware for the aerospace, electronics and defense industries.
  • Alloy & Stainless Fasteners - supplier of hex bolts, nuts, threaded rods, studs, and specials in a wide variety of materials. Bolts | Nuts | Threaded Rod | Studs | Bar Stock | Washers | Contact one of our Locations | Home | Bolt Specs | Nut Specs | Threaded Rod Specs | Stud Specs | Bent Bolt Specs | Rounds Specs.
  • Alloy Fasteners, Inc. - US manufacturer, worldwide importer, and fully stocking distributor of stainless steel fasteners.
  • Deshler Group -  is a cooperative of companies that make rod and wire products.  We specialize in cold-formed wire, rod and tubing products of all sorts including assembled and welded products.  We also can assist in the design of any wire/rod product for any given application.  Let our experience work for you
  • American Bolt Co. Inc - nuts, bolts, washers, etc, in US standard and metric. Export Div. - Polaris Export Co. Inc.) 5214 Burleson Rd.  •  Suite 304   •  Austin Texas 78744   Phone 512-443-8521  •  Fax  512-442-8946  MEXICO Fax 525-652-1576
  • ANDREWS FASTENERS provide a valued source of supply to buyers and engineers across a wide range of Industries worldwide. • Socket Products • TEKS Self Drilling • Tapping Screws • Machine Screws • Hex Bolts • Hex Nuts • Washers
    • Standoffs • Terminals • Wire & Cable • Cable Ties • Rivets • Vented Screws • Anchors-Wedge-L • Drywall Screws • Carriage-Lag • Elevator-Step • Threaded Rods • Trailer Screws • Tapes • Connectors • Clean Room Items 
  • Bolts 4 U - fastener distributor offering nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and specials in low carbon, alloy, stainless, and exotic materials.
  • Brikksen Company is a master-distributor of the highest quality metric stainless steel fasteners. Centrally located in Dallas, Texas for over 10 years, our sales and service associates use state-of-the-art computer and inventory management systems to provide you with first class service - time after time.
  • Byler Rivet Supply - stocking a wide variety of bolts, rivets, screws, and other fasteners.
  • Chair City Supply Co., Inc. - distributor of fasteners used in the manufacture of furniture frames, upholstery, cabinets, and case goods.
  • Chesapeake Marine Fasteners -  is a quality distributor of standard and special fasteners in stainless steel, silicon bronze, brass, aluminum steel and galvanized. We would like the opportunity to be of assistance in your fastener needs! Call us also on those hard to find and made to order items. Large or small orders get the same excellent, individual service, plus quick delivery from our inventory!
  • Chicago Dowel Company, Inc. - offers standard, metric, and pre-glued dowel pins. Wood parts include rods, skewers, biscuits, buttons, and plugs. America's Leading Manufacturer of Dowel Pins Since 1950  DOWEL PINS/RODS, BUTTONS/PLUGS, TURNINGS, BISCUITS Kiln-dried, White Birch Lumber, Precision-molded, Individually Sorted Moisture-control Packaging, Same-day Releases
  • Columbia Nut & Bolt Corp. specializes in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous fastener products. Columbia Nut and Bolt Corp. is justifiably proud of the bonds of loyalty it shares with some of the finest names in the fastener industry. By carefully developing a broad-based general inventory, with over 50,000 different line items, Columbia can offer you a full range of superior products to meet the special needs of every industry. This diverse inventory allows you, the customer, to take advantage of "one stop fastener purchasing."
  • Deerwood Fasteners International, Inc. We specialize in fasteners for the furniture, cabinet and woodworking industry.
  • Duo-Fast Corporation - manufacturer of nailers, staplers, and fasteners.DUO-FAST tools and fasteners for building and remodeling. From our powerful, high speed coil and strip nailers, to our fine wire staplers, DUO-FAST's heavy-duty tools and fasteners are designed and built for professionals.
  • Fastener Supply Company - wholesale distributor of fasteners, grommets, eyelets, snaps, attaching machines and tools for the apparel, canvas, leather and marine industries.
  • Compass International, Inc. maintains major inventories of MARKER®, DARTS®, RPS®, DECKMARK™, and TAPMARK® screws and nails in several locations around the country. This volume and availability allows the distributor to rely on Compass for a constant supply of quality fasteners, thus reducing the need for large, costly inventories on the floor.Our large inventories also allows us to absorb lead times from overseas. Compass can ship container-loads from our warehouses directly to you at near-mill-shipment prices. Drywall & Multi-purpose Screws *Self-drilling Screws *Quality Nails * Cement Board & Fiber Cement Board Screws * Quadrex® Wood Screws *Self-piercing Screws *Concrete Screw Anchors *Exterior Decking Screws * Quadrex® Outdoor Screws
  • Duncan Bolt -  distributes quality Huck Bolts and Huck Tools.  We carry a wide assortment of new and used Huck Tools and have a large inventory of Huck Bolts, including C6L, C50L, Magna Grip, Magna Tite, HP8, Huck Spin. We also carry a large inventory of domestic and imported bolts, nuts and washers, concrete anchors and other hard to find fasteners.
  • FASTENING SPECIALISTS INC - . is a full line wholesale fastener distributorship that has been in business for over 40 years. We realize "the main thing" our customers need is fast, reliable service. We have put together specific programs for lumber yards, electrical stores, and hardware stores, and we can design one specific to your needs. We strive to be on the forefront of changes in the industry and to provide products which meet those needs.
  • JV-Industries, Inc.  3810 W Flamingo Pahrump  (county:  Nye) NV  89048
    telephone:  775-727-6257   fax:  775-727-0105
    Manufacturer of concrete inserts, pipe hangers, deck and wall sleeves, pipe shields and insulation.  Direct sale to the contractor and distributors.
  • METRIC BLUE - fasteners and tools are coated with a high performance blue coating. This coating provides superior corrosion resistance, enhanced durability, and a consistent torque "K" factor-in addition, of course, to FAST metric identification. But METRIC BLUE is more than just a coating. METRIC BLUE Products are manufactured in the US to ANSI, ISO, and ASTM standards, using high-quality, fully traceable steel. This comprehensive line of high-strength bolts, socket products, screws, washers, nuts and pins provides an OFF-THE -SHELVE solution to some of the most safety critical, high tensile applications found in heavy industry.
  • NailZone.com - Nailers & staplers for framing, cabinets & trim, packaging, flooring, and other uses! brad nailers -flooring nailers -framing nailers -roofing nailers -construction staplers -corrugated tools -fine wire staplers -flooring staplers -packaging staplers -brad nails -flooring nails -framing nails -roofing nails -corrugated fasteners -fine wire staples -packaging staples -Paslode staples -Senco staples
  • Pacific Fasteners -  specializes in corrosion resistant fasteners of every kind. If you only need one stainless steel washer for your wind surfer, or maybe a two foot bolt used on the  Golden Gate bridge WE HAVE IT or will find it. You will be dealing with an international company with helpful personal service.We also boast twenty five years of service in the fastener business.
  • Powernail Company  - We manufacture Power nail nailing machines and Powercleats® nails. These products are used for the installation of Tongue & Groove hardwood flooring and sub-flooring. Powernail products have been the industries standard for over 50 years, why not choose the best!  Phone: 800/323-1653 or 847/634-3000 Fax: 800/624-5450  or 847/634-4943
  • Production Fasteners Inc. is a full line fastener distributor and is the largest distributor of door lock hardware in the Northeast. Contact Production Fastener for all your Fastener needs. With a full line of Fasteners, Door lock hardware we can service all your fastener and Industrial needs.
  • Quality Bolt and Screw  -  will maintain leadership in the fastener market by working for continuous improvement in warehousing, marketing, and administrative processes. To accomplish this goal we will concentrate on doing the job right the first time in meeting the requirements of the customer. We will consistently work for clearer understanding of our customers' needs in order to give customer satisfaction through quality performance. Through mutual cooperation we will seek to achieve a safe, healthful, and hassle-free environment for both our customers and employees.
  • Reisser Schraubentechnik GmbH - manufactures steel, brass, and plastic screws.
  • Stainless Nails, Brads and Staples dot com. - On-line sales of the widest range of collated stainless steel and silicon fasteners on the internet. Collated nails, brads and staples to fit 40 air nailer manufacturers and over 400 different pneumatic tools models. We stock hard to find collated stainless fasteners for pneumatic nailers and staplers used in boat building, decking, finishing, fencing, framing, uphostery, siding, roofing, trim work etc
  • United Screw of America Corp. - 4500 North West 37 Avenue Miami, Florida 33142-4287
    Voice (305) 633-6561  FAX (305) 633-3272 Distributors of Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Washers & Specialty Fasteners
  • UZ Engineered Products  Baltimore  (county:  Baltimore)  MD  21234 telephone:  443-324-1997  fax:  410-665-2154    Maryland  *Fasteners *Electrical *Welding *Adhesives *Cutting Tools  UZ Engineered Products has earned a reputation for delivering competitively priced, quality products backed by world class service.  UZ has nine key product lines and are manufactured using the lstest technology to increase customer productivity, reduced costs related to energy, repairs and downtime, maximize
  • Abcor Fasteners : Single source for spring steel fasteners.
  • Above Board Electronics : Distributes fasteners for electronics.
  • ACS Manufacturing, Inc. : Manufacture of e-qual-fast formed spring steel fasteners.
  • Aerosmith Fastening Systems, Inc. : Pneumatic fastening systems for attachments to concrete and metal substrates.
  • Allmetric Fasteners : Metric fastener distributors in the Gulf / South; large inventory of all types of metric fasteners and metric threaded products.
  • AM Supply : Oklahoma's finest specialty tool and fastener supplier.
  • Andrews Fasteners Ltd : Stocks a range of fasteners for British, German and American standards all of which are available in various plated finishes including galvanized, sherardized and BZP.
  • Appian Fasteners : Distributors of an extensive range of fasteners with thousands of ex stock items to choose from to suit any industrial application.
  • Arrow Industrial Supply : Suppliers of fasteners and bolts of all kinds.
  • Atlantic Fasteners :  ISO 9002 certified supplier of inch and metric nuts, bolts, screws and washers in steel, stainless, brass, silicon bronze, aluminum and nylon.
  • Avantifix, : We are the largest spit stockists in the uk with a diverse range of fixing solutions.
  • AVK Industrial Products : Valencia, California manufactures blind installed threaded insert nuts/stud fasteners and related hand, power and automation installation equipment and tooling.
  • Bendfast UK Ltd : A manufacturer of industrial fasteners, pipe hangers and u bolts. Specialising in general and petrochemical industries.
  • Boulons Plus : Supplier of bolts and fasteners products located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Brand X Fasteners, Inc. : Manufactures construction and industrial fasteners and concrete expansion anchors.
  • British Metrics Inc. : Supplier of metric and British bolts, fasteners, and fittings.
  • Budd Sales Co. : Many types of fasteners, miniatures, sems, torx, torx plus, taptite, rolok, semblex, pt screw for plastics. Avdel, cherry, rivets. Metal stamping, plastic molding, die cut, assembly services.
  • Carlson Systems : Distributors of packaging and fastening products.
  • Cashi Components Corp. : Taiwanese manufacturer of screws, nuts, and washers. Products are exported throughout the world.
  • Cassells Industrial Fasteners Limited : Suppliers of industrial fixings and fasteners, furniture fixings, screws and bolts in UK.
  • Centec : Clamp-nut bolting technology, stud tensioning and hydraulic tensioning tools, fully automated stud tensioning system.
  • Clinch Fast, Inc. : Panel fasteners, self clinching fasteners, and self-clinching standoffs.
  • Contractor-Source Inc. : Complete line of fastening systems by Powers including mechanical anchors, chemical anchors, roofing fasteners, loads, drive pins, carbide drill bits and tools.
  • Craftech Industries, Inc. : Manufacturer of high technology plastic screws, fasteners, components, structural hardware, shapes and tools.
  • Da Yang Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Manufacturer of nuts, fastener.
  • DB Building Fasteners, Inc. : Self drilling fasteners and fasteners. We also carry accessories for the metal building and roofing industries.
  • Deacon : Deacon manufactures and supplies screws and fasteners in all metals and of all types.
  • Delta Fastener Corp. : On-hand selection of headed fasteners - bolts, nuts, washers, screws.
  • Drillco Group.com : Drillco National Group manufactures a patented Undercut Anchor, the Maxi Bolt. The Maxi bolt is primarily used in the nuclear and power industry. Engineering info also on site.
  • Dumar International : Quality building supplies for quality builders
  • Duncan Bolt Company : Carries a complete inventory of all Huck parts and tooling. Our DB Tool Repair division specializes in the repair and rental of all Huck Tooling.
  • Duo-Fast Northeast : New England's largest distributor of nailers and staplers offers tools from leading manufacturers including MAX, Senco, Paslode, Hitachi, Duo-Fast, Stanley, and 3M.
  • Dynamic Fasteners : Fasteners for the construction industry and builders of metal buildings.
  • Eastside Staple And Nail, Inc. : Nail guns and stapler products for the building and construction industries. Providing stainless steel fasteners and nails. Deliveries anywhere in the US.
  • Eckart and Finard, Inc. : Distributor of industrial fasteners, also offer value-added services such as application engineering, remote barcode ordering, pop rivet tool repair and custom kitting.
  • Elite Fasteners : Please visit our site to view our manufacturering capibilities.
  • Erickson Precision Mfg : Fasteners section of Erickson Precision for precision screw machining, CNC machining, self clinching fasteners, self clinching standoffs, custom hardware and components
  • ET Fasteners : Offer engineering assistance to manufacturers designing specialized components.
  • Expansion Fastner Bolt P. Ltd : Manufacturers anchor bolts, fixings, container seals and locks, fasteners and bolts in India.
  • Extratec : Fastening supply service of quality, reliability, speed. Has a background information, product list, contact details and feedback facilties.
  • Fabsco Corp : Manufacturer of anchor bolts and other fasteners for concrete contractors, lightpole contractors, and for power transmission, substation mfgs.
  • Faering Design, Inc. : Distributors of English and Norwegian copper nails, roves, fasteners.
  • Fairchild Fasteners : Specialty fastening systems to both the aerospace and industrial markets.
  • Fasco Fastener Company, Inc. : Quality corrosion resistant fasteners specializing in the marine industry. Stainless steel, silicon bronze, brass fasteners.
  • Fastener Inventories, Inc. : Locating construction, industrial, manufacturing, and marine fasteners in world wide markets.
  • Fastenerfind.com : Free locater service for fasteners and industrial supplies using only ISO certified vendors with proven service track records.
  • Fasteners Net : A site for people to buy and sell all types of fasteners.
  • Fasteners Unlimited, Inc. : Source for all mil-spec fasteners. Inspection program includes inspection, ring gauging, tri-roll gauging, hardness testing and a plating thickness check if applicable.
  • Fastening Specialist, Inc. : Consultants to the fastening and threaded bolt industry
  • Ferry Cap and Set Screw : Manufacturer of cold-headed, high- strength, precision fasterners.
  • FLB Industries : Specializing in cable ties, retaining rings, and steel fasteners. Manufacturer's representative.
  • Francis Kirk and Son Ltd : British premier grade socket screws and durlok anti vibration bolts.
  • Fritz Schaber GmbH, Germany : Production of steel nails, steel pins, upholstery nails, fasteners for nearly all purposes. Zinc-, brass- and nickel plated steel nails in high quality from German company.
  • G.M. Stevens and Co. : Manufactures industrial fastenings, nuts, rivet bushes in metric and imperial thread forms.
  • Glasgow Steel Nail Co Ltd : Information on cut nails manufactured by Glasgow Steel Nail Co Ltd.
  • Gorilla Glue : All purpose wood glue available for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Gripwell Fastening and Engineering Pte Ltd : Manufacture blind fasteners, threaded fasteners and access hardware products.
  • H and S Sales Company, Inc. : We stock our product in all grades of steel from low carbon to alloy steel. In non ferrous fasteners we stock in stainless steel grades 18-8, 316 , and 410, brass, silicon bronze and aluminum. We also stock in nylon.
  • Hanson Building : Sales and service of construction, roofing, drywall, and concrete fasteners and anchors.
  • HCL Fasteners Ltd : Manufacturers of the herbie clip and the smart band, unique nylon hose clips and clamps.
  • Heads and Threads : Distributors of fasteners including screws, bolts, nuts, locknuts, anchors, washers, sockets, pins, rods, metrics and stainless steel.
  • HeliCoil Screw Thread Inserts : Clipsn nuts, bolts and inserts.
  • Herrajes y Tornillos Mimsa, S.A. de C.V. : Manufacturers of all kind of sheet metal screws and ironworks for the construction industry. Handlers, pullers, hinges, bolts and screws, and much more.
  • Industry Trade Systems : Internet based application brings industrial buyers and suppliers from over 75 countries together online.
  • International Fasteners : DAGGERZ brand self drilling, drywall, and sheet metal screws in a variety of materials and finishes all at competitve prices.
  • Interstate Screw Corporation : Bolts, nuts, screws, nails, tools, Tapcons, Tampins, washers, rivets, and everything else under the sun.
  • ITW Ramset/Red Head : ITW Ramset/Red Head is America's largest designer and manufacturer of fastening products used in concrete and steel construction.
  • J.lanfranco Inc : Manufacturer of nuts and screw-cutting products in compliance with ISO 9002.
  • Jay-Cee Sales and Rivet : In-stock inventory, supplying rivets and special fasteners.
  • JBH Industries : Stocking distibutor of fasteners for automotive, marina, and farming restoration.
  • Jet Press : Quality fasteners include - wood fixings, furniture fasteners, metal and plastic fastenings, cable and pipe fixings.
  • Kian Soon Hardware : Distributor and stockist for fasteners, springs, mechanical parts and related hardware products.
  • Korea Bolt : Manufacturers of fasteners including bolts, nuts and parts.
  • Kwan On Manufacturing Ltd : Product range includes locks, catches, handles, handles-holders, corners, mirror hangers, picture hangers and screws.
  • Kyburz : Full-Service supplier of screws and turned parts. With fabrication facilities in Zug, CH and sales partners in Europe, North America an Far East.
  • Lakeside Fasteners : Standard and special stainless, non-ferrous and steel nuts, bolts, screws, washers, rod, studs, pins, eyelets and grommets.
  • Lian Shuenn Screws Industrial Co Ltd : Product lines include: screws, nuts, washers, springs, rivets, and custom-made screws.
  • Lon Bon Casting Corporation : Specialize in chipboard screw, drywall screws, self tapping screws, self drilling screws, din 571, and din 603.
  • M and S Distributors : Suppliers of a wide variety of fasteners. Specialists in discontinued rare stock. Worldwide overnight delivery. ISO 9002
  • M.M.Rhodes and Sons : Insulated staples and galvanized cable clamps.
  • MAE Specialties Industries Inc. : A full service fastener distributor.
  • Manufacturers Fastener World : Manufacturers Fastener World has been in the business of buying and selling surplus fasteners for more than 20 years.
  • Marksmen Mfg. : Industrial anchor bolts, specializing in precision screw parts and assemblies.
  • McMaster-Carr Supply Company : McMaster-Carr is an on-line and catalog source for over 350,000 industrial products.
  • Medallion Fasteners Corp. : Nails & staples for pneumatic tools. Framing, roofing, sheathing, finish, and siding fasteners available.
  • Merit Fasteners : Industrial supplier of nuts and bolts, screws, fasteners, lubricants, power and pneumatic tools, and GAS, MIG, TIG or STICK welding needs; 25,000 items available.
  • Metric and Multistandard Components Corp. : Metric and british industrial supplies.
  • Metric Screw and Tool Co. : Metric fasteners, metric cutting tools, metric bolts, nuts, screws, tap, die, reamers, threaded rod. Metric dimentional charts. Selling to OEM, distribution, and end-users.
  • Metric Specialties, Inc. : Metric Specialties, Inc. is a major distributor of metric fasteners and related tools. At Metric Specialties we not only carry an extensive inventory of metric fasteners we also work with specialty shops that can custom manufacture parts to your specifications.
  • Mid Continent Nail : Your one stop for pallet nails. Collated, bulk, and wire weld, pneumatic tools, and pallet machinery.
  • MLemieux, Inc. : Distributor nuts, bolts and industrial tools in Quebec.
  • MMS and Accessories : Offers fasteners, nuts, washers, bolts, tubing, clamps, screws, machine bolts, wood screws, cable, turnbuckles, eye bolts, carriage bolts and lag bolts.
  • Multi-flex Seals Inc : Manufacturer of boots, screws, seals, fasteners and toggle switches including Hexseal components. High pressure, self sealing, and molded rubber styles.
  • Ningbo East Port Fasteners Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. : The company is specialized in the production of all kinds of high-level standard components and fasteners.
  • Non Standard Socket Screws Ltd : Manufacturers and distributors of standard and specialty screws, fasteners and associated products for companies worldwide.
  • Normac Industries, Inc : Fastener distributor located in Hillsboro, Or.
  • North East Fasteners Corporation : Manufacture of small and miniature fasteners, specializing in the electronics and small components industries. .
  • Northwest Staple Supply : A full service distributor and wholesaler for air nailers, staplers, nails, staples: Senco, Duo-Fast, Quik Drive, plastic staples, stainless steel fasteners
  • Numax Inc. : Products to staple, nail, or adhere any combination of wood, metal, and plastic together.
  • Outlet Fasteners : Sells nails, staples, screws and many other assorted items.
  • P.A. International : Spare parts for European made aircrafts, maintaining an inventory of metric fasteners.
  • Pacific Fasteners : We have an inventory of fasteners, stainless steel, brass, bronze, Aluminum, monel, Catalog of every kind of screw, washer, nut, bolt.
  • Parker Metal Corporation : Offer a variety of packaged household products from basic nuts, bolts, screws, nails to hooks and hangers, hand tools and plumbing items.
  • Pivot Point : Search catalog for non-threaded fasteners including lynch pins, S-pins, cotter pins.
  • Precision Technology Supplies Ltd : Stainless steel fasteners, precision turned parts, micro metric fasteners and allied products.
  • Premier Heading and Consulting : Manufacturing, fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws, specialty fasteners, military specs, consulting
  • Premiere Fasteners : Manufacturer of bolts, rivets and fasteners using aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel.
  • Prest-on Drywall Fasteners : Prest-on insta-back and corner-back drywall fasteners make wall, corner and ceiling installations and repairs easier, faster and safer.
  • Pro-Dec Products : Offers screw covers and fastener covers to conceal the heads of screws, bolts, nails and rivets.
  • Ram Wholesale Distributors, Inc. : Wholesaler of fasteners, pneumatic tools, and building supplies.
  • Ready Rivet and Fastener Ltd. : Manufacturing and distribution of a vast variety of specialty parts throughout North America.
  • Reliable Fasteners Pvt Ltd. : Manufacturers and exporters of fasteners, hex head bolts/screws, lag bolts, machine screws, self tapping screws, rivets, nails and nuts.
  • Reminc Conti : Licensors of the taptite family of thread rolling screws and bolts, providng assistance to end users and licensed manufacturers
  • Roadrunner Fastening Systems : Industrial fasteners distributor and supplier. Standards, specials, SEMS, metrics, MS, screw machine parts and more. Fasteners are our business.
  • Robertson Screw : Manufacturer of standard and specialty screws. The founder was responsible for the design of the square head Robertson screw in 1908. Various plants in the Americas.
  • Royal Supply, Co. : Automotive and maintenence fastener distributor.
  • Ruklic : Fasteners come in a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and other materials. A wide variety of platings and finishes are also used for use on different materials and help the corrosion resistance factor.
  • S and J Fastener : Supplier of nuts and bolts.
  • Screwproducts.Com : Carries screw products such as the new star drive wood screws. Available to distributors everywhere.
  • Screwsline : Suppliers of wood screws and other multi-purpose fixings to trade, education and the public. Suppliers of woodscrews, brass, twin thread and specialist fixings. See our online catalogue.
  • Scrooscoop Fastener Co. : Stocks a full range of competitively priced screws, rivets, and a variety of anchoring fasteners.
  • Sdai : Manufacturer of plastic caps, covering caps, jacks, stops, skid bases, castors and inserts, headed screws, nut covers.
  • Sealtite Building Fasteners Inc. : Quality fasteners with a reputation for lasting well into the future.
  • Seiko Screw Manufactory : Screw manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong that supplies screws and rivets.
  • Sharp Screw Products : Custom machined screw resource manufacturing close tolerance precision screw components and prototypes for all commercial and industrial applications.
  • South Engineers : Manufacture and sale of wire nail, furniture nail, ornametal window guard, drain mate, welded mesh.
  • Stafast Products, Inc. : Stafast Products, Inc. has been serving the fastener industry since 1958.
  • Stainless Fasteners Dot Com : Stainless steel nails, screws and staples. Hand-drives and collated for decking, framing, finishing, marine, roofing and siding. Plus stainless hex, lag and carriage bolts.
  • Stainless Threaded Fasteners Ltd : Specialist stainless steel fastener stockholders holding approximately 10,000 items of A2 and A4 fasteners in stock in both metric and imperial thread forms.
  • John J. Steuby Company : Manufacturers of precision machined products for the automotive, appliance, and commercial fittings industries.
  • STO Industries Inc. Fanaco Fasteners : Variety of fasteners for wholesale and commercial consumers.
  • Structural Hardware & Supply, Inc. : Offer all sizes and shapes of bolts manufactured to customers' specifications. These include hex machine bolts, hex nuts and a number of types of forged hardware.
  • SUDCO. : Manufactures screws, fasteners, spacers, standoffs, jack screws, and custom machined parts.
  • Superbrite-Screw Corporation : Wholesale distributors of fasteners, bolts, nuts, anchors and screws to the industrial construction and hardware trade.
  • SwanSecure : Stainless steel and copper alloy nails for construction.
  • Taiwan Hardware Online : Search a database of Taiwan manufacturers of all kinds of hardware items. The site also features photos and descriptions of the latest products from the major producers. From Trade Winds, publisher of the Taiwan Hardware Buyers' Guide.
  • Teston Precision Products Inc. :
    Specializes in custom screw machine manufacturing using multispindle technology and most secondary operations.
  • The Monadnock Company : Delivering innovative solutions to special fastening problems is Monadnock's trademark.
  • Tornillos, Clavos y Herramientas : 100% Mexican company, we sale all kind of screws, nails and industrial tools, domestic and professional. we sale retail and wholesale.
  • Triangle Fastener : A wide variety of fasteners, from dywall screws to roofing, and cordless and electric power tools, accessories, specialty fastening systems, and selected contractor equipment to contractors.
  • Tung Wei Screw.CO.LTD : Our company specializes in manufacturing self -drilling screws, wood screws, stainless steel drilling screws and wood nuts. A professional screw manufacturer.
  • U.S. Industrial Fasteners : Distributor of fastener products. Specializing in the hard to find fasteners, we also have a large selection of various products.
  • Ubbink Rega : Suppliers of ventilation, heating and roofing and building products to the construction industry.
  • Ubolts.Co.UK : Manufacturer of u bolts and industrial fasteners.
  • Uk Fixings : Manufacturers and suppliers of fixings, fastenings, connectors, leads and accessories. We have a customer base that spans the world.
  • Uni, Inc. : Supplier of coil nails, strip nails, and staples.
  • Unifit Fastening Systems Inc. : Pneumatic Nailers, Staplers, Brads, Staples, Coil-nails, AirScrewdrivers and Adhesives.
  • Unique Fasteners : Makers of fasteners for all needs and specifications.
  • Universal Anchor Systems : Products include a universal anchor, bolt down anchor, anchor adapters, stabilizer and foam.
  • Valley Fasteners, Inc. : Distributor and manufacturer of fasteners including specials made to customer drawings and specs.
  • Vari Fasteners : Distributor and manufacturer of MS, AN, NAS and Mil-Spec hardware, including specials to customer furnished drawings.
  • Via-Chem Inc. : Plastic fasteners. Site has outstanding graphic image that changes to show Via-Chem's proprietary fastener in opened and closed positions.
  • Viterie Venete : Distributing then in italy and abroad, screws, bolts and fasteners in every kind of material.
  • Vulcan Industrial Fasteners Ltd : A wide range of industrial fasteners and fixing systems for the pipeline, construction and engineering industries.
  • Wa Tai Industrial Co., Ltd. : Taiwanese manufacturer of fasteners, such as low, medium carbon steel and alloy steel bolts or screws. Conforming with both American and DIN standards.
  • Wausaukee Steel : Distributor of steel, pipe, sheet, plate, structurals, re-rod, fasteners, shotguns.
  • Welcome to Newport Fastener : Advanced roof tile fastener manufacturer of Tyle Tye & Riness Systems. Located in Anaheim, California.
  • Wink Fasteners : Fasteners, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Nickel Alloys, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium. All Non Corrosive Materials and Metals.
  • Wurth Industry North America : Specializes in the supply of fasteners and related C-products to OEM and MRO customers through single source inventory management programs.
  • Yerd International Company : Fastener manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes screw, nut, hardware, nail, and rivet.
  • Youngwoo Fasteners Co, Ltd : Brads finish nails, strip nails, coil nails, industrial staples for all of your fastening need.
  • Zyh Yin Enterprises Co., Ltd. : Manufacturer of fasteners and hardware, especially in screws, bolts and nuts for wooden furniture.
  • Aaron's Structural Bolts : Industrial fasteners online. Heavy hex structural bolts to astm a 325 type 1 specifications. Certifications for structural bolts free of charge.
  • Arrow Fastener Company, Inc. - featuring staple guns, tuckers, and glue guns. Our reputation for quality performance, on time deliveries and complete shipments did not come easily but through the tireless dedication of our production, engineering and sales staffs. We at ARROW are here to serve you, our customers, in the best possible way.



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