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  • Bilco Tools, Inc. - specializing in tubular makeup, computerized makeup analysis, customized tools for specialty projects, and internal pipe testing.
  • Ami Adini & Associates
  • Apache LP Trucks - provides changeover, repair and new LP truck service to the LP Gas industry throughout the United States.
  • Arm-Tex Corporation - distributor of petroleum transfer control products such as valves, swivel joints, loading systems, unions, hoses, and lubricating equipment.
  • Baroid Drilling Fluids - international supplier of drilling and completion fluid products and services.
  • Bengal Sales & Service - manufactures and services quality casing scrapers, valves, packers, and other tools to the oil industry.
  • Bit Brokers International - sells new and used tricone rotary drilling bits, rebuilt hammers, and custom-built hole openers for the oil, water, gas, and environmental industries.
  • Boma Pipe Ltd. - new and used certified, traceable drill casing, piping, tubular goods and conductors.
  • Born Canada - supplier of direct-fired heaters and burner management systems.
  • Brammer Supply, Inc. - supplies parts and services to the oilfield industry, specializing in used and refurbished equipment such as pumping units, tubing and hardware.
  • Branham Industries - oil well drilling rigs and equipment, on and offshore.
  • Bridges Equipment - unitization of new and reconditioned triplex mud pumps.
  • Buckner Rental Service - equipment for the oil and gas industry, contractors, petrochemical industry. rentals and sales.
  • Cal-Scan Services Ltd - providing electronic memory recorders and mechanical pressure gauges, surface boxes, calibration services, and deadweight rentals to wireline companies.
  • Canadian Air Drilling - offers downhole, underbalanced drilling technology equipment.
  • Capital Process Equipment - supplier of engineering products including pumps, pulsation dampers, mixers, agitators, flow meters and strainers.
  • CARBO Ceramics - manufacturer of high tech ceramics for the oil and mining industies.
  • Pump & Tank Shop, Inc.  - providing petroleum equipment sales and service for service stations, bulk plants, delivery trucks, and commercial sites.
  • ABB Vetco Gray - designs, manufactures, sells and services highly engineered exploration and production equipment used by the worldwide oil and gas industry for onshore and offshore applications.
  • Allwest Compressor Services Ltd. - specializing manufacturing and supplying of gas field compressor parts.
  • Alpha Oil Tools - Manufacture downhole bridge plugs, cement retainers, and permanent packers.
  • Cardium Tool Services Inc - designer and manufacturer of liner, completion and production tools, for the oil & gas Industry.
  • Challenger International Inc. - oilfield supply company providing drill pipe, tubulars, and more.
  • Challenger Process Systems - manufacturing of process equipment, tanks, or vessels for the oil and gas industries.
  • Chemex, Inc. - dismantling, refurbishment, reinstallation and sales of refineries and related equipment.
  • China Petroleum Technology Development Corporation (CPTDC) - designs, manufactures, sells and services exploration, drilling, production and pipeline and surface equipment.
  • CMA Canavera SpA - manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the oil and water drilling industry.
  • Complete Package Technology, Ltd. - manufacturer of process equipment for the oil and gas industry.
  • Computalog Ltd. - supplier of wireline services for the oil and gas industry.
  • Continental Emsco - makes and distributes tools and equipment used in the oil and gas industry.
  • Corlac Oilfield Leasing - supplier of leased equipment to the oil and gas industry through innovative financing solutions.
  • Crossover, Inc. - manufactures pipe accessories including crossovers, completion and drilling equipment, fishing tools, washover pipe, couplings, pup joints, and more.
  • Darby Equipment Company - manufacturing, sales, service and rental of pipe bending machines and other equipment for the pipeline industry.
  • Davis-Lynch, Inc. - design, manufacture, sales and service of cementing float equipment, inflatable packers, stage collars, wellhead equipment, centralizers, and more.
  • Delmar Systems Inc. - offshore moorings.
  • Delta Combustion Solutions - designs and manufactures waste gas incinerators and indirect process heating systems for the petroleum industry.
  • Dickirson Corporation - manufacturer and distributor of drilling, well service and transportation products for the oil and gas fields.
  • DMD Dresser - piping specialties and gas measurement technology.
  • Eckel International (FSC) - manufacturer of hydraulic power tongs and hydraulic power units.
  • Elder Tools International - US supplier of downhole tools.
  • Enduro Pipeline Services - services, sells and rents pigging to the pipeline industry.
  • Environ Products, Inc. - manufacturer of underground secondary containment system which consists of coaxial flexible pipe, entry boots, tank and dispenser sumps, and assorted fittings.
  • Europump - products for service station and retail petrol outlets.
  • Export Oilfield Supply - sells drilling equipment, down hole tools, material handling equipment, etc.
  • Flint Engineering & Construction Co. - oilfield & pipeline construction.
  • Fluidic Technologies Inc. - We provide a downhole tool to clean perf damage and scale out of oil, gas and injector wells.
  • FMC Machinery and Equipment Group - manufacturer of subsea, platform and land oilfield products including wellhead, gate valves and ball valves used in the oil and gas industry.
  • Frank's Casing Crew & Rental Tools, Inc - Providing equipment and services to the oil, gas, and petroleum industry for all casing and tubing needs, both onshore & offshore rigs. International offices worldwide.
  • Gas Jack, Inc. - compressor designed for low pressure, marginal oil and gas wells.
  • Gilbarco do Brasil S.A. - manufacturer of gasoline station pumps.
  • Graffco, Inc. - specializes in refurbished gas pumps and fuel dispensing equipment.
  • Gregory Rig & Sales, Inc. - well service oil drilling rigs workover pulling units.
  • Hanover Company, The - supply gas compression, oil and gas production equipment, generator sets, parts and service.
  • Healy Systems, Inc. - vehicle refueling dispenser and pump nozzles for bootless vacuum assisted gasoline vapor recovery systems.
  • Hermes Companies, Inc. - Design, engineering and supply of oilfield and mining equipment, maintenance, repairing of oilfield & mining equipment.
  • Howden Compressors Incorporated - manufactures oil-free, twin-screw and reciprocating gas compressors.
  • Hydraulic Rod Pumps - oil & gas well long-stroke rod pumping units.
  • Hydril - provides oilfield equipment, marine and offshore products, blowout preventers, subsea drilling systems, and pressure control system.
  • Innova Electronics Inc. - Custom and standard high-temperature, ruggedized, high voltage power supplies.
  • Innovative Electronics - manufacturers of drilling rig monitoring instrumentation, sensors, and Martin-Decker equal spare parts.
  • Innovative Sensor Solutions, Ltd. - provides sensor products to the petrochemical, pipeline, and liquid storage industries.
  • InterFab Ltd.
  • J&J Specialty Products, Inc. - maker of drilling and completion fluids, featuring Saverseal sealant.
  • Jiro Manufacturing Ltd. - fabricator of quality oil and gas production equipment, specializing in portable gas booster compressors.
  • JL Bryan Oilfield Equipment - production gas units, oil and gas separators, heater treaters, tanks and other oilfield equipment for sale.
  • Johnston-Lawrence Company - oil well servicing and workover equipment.
  • Joy Pipe USA, L.L.C. - buy and sell oilfield pipe and equipment.
  • Kaldair - a manufacturer of flare and combustion equipment, vaporizers and vapor recovery systems, as well as related services for the petroleum industry
  • Kandle Oilfield Products
  • Ken Wilcox Associates, Inc. - independent third-party testing orgainization, evaluate leak detection equipment for underground storage tanks and pipelines, manufacturers, regulators, UST organizations.
  • Kimray, Inc. - manufacturer of products including SCADA and electronic measurement.
  • King Well Service
  • Koch Gateway Pipeline Services
  • Krebs Petroleum Technologies - supplier of hydrocyclone based (desanders & deoilers) separation systems for the petroleum industries.
  • LeakLoc - acoustic wave based equipment and services for instantaneous leak detection and location in environmentally sensitive areas. Also, hydrotest blow out detection and pipeline obstruction locating.
  • Lufkin Industries Oil Field Division - manufacturer of oilfield pumping units, automated controllers, and repair parts.
  • M P Industries, Inc - manufactures mechanical molded rubber products for use in down hole operations.
  • M&D Industries of Louisiana, Inc. - makers of Ultra Seal drilling fluid additives.
  • M-I Drilling Fluids
  • Maloney Industries Inc. - providing design, setup, fabrication services, and equipment, to the on- and offshore oil and gas industires.
  • Map Oil Tools - designs and manufactures oil tools for coiled tubing, wireline, tubing, and completions.
  • McKinney Machine - buys and sells oilfield equipment.
  • Mitcham Industries, Inc. - specializes in the short-term leasing of 3-D seismic equipment to the oil and gas industry.
  • Multi Products Co. - offers products and electronic controllers for the oil and gas industry.
  • NEHI Petroleum - exploitation of oil and gas reserves using the latest technology such as rotary steerable tools.
  • New Tech Rock Bit Company - manufacturing tricone TCI rotary drill bits. Specializing in high speed, sealed journal bearing, tungsten carbide insert rock bits for oil and natural gas exploration.
  • Newpark Drilling Fluids, Inc.
  • Nortrans Offshore (S) Pte Ltd. - designing and operating floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) systems and floating storage and offloading (FSO) systems.
  • NQL Drilling Tools Inc. - designs and manufactures downhole tools and services to the oil and gas, utility, and environmental industries.
  • Numar - design, manufacture, and marketing of commercial applications of MRI technology for oil and gas exploration.
  • Oil Drilling Products - Houston, TX - selling, manufacturing and refurbishing parts, spares and drilling rigs and all associated oilfield equipment.
  • Oil States Industries - provider of engineered solutions and products to the oil service industry.
  • Oteco - manufacturer of oilfield equipment, including gate valves, relief valves, pressure gauges, fluid end parts, rubber products, rig hardware, and specialty items.
  • Pan Tech Engineering Corp. - manufacturers’ representatives for the petrochemical industry, with offices in Texas, Louisiana and South Mississippi.
  • Paragon Industries, Inc. - offers cargo boxes, pallet boxes, material baskets, and walk-in coolers and freezers for the inshore and offshore oil industry.
  • Patron Equipment Supply Inc. - service station pumps, cardlock equipment.
  • Pem-Tech, Inc. - manufactures gas detection equipment used in gas plants, oil refineries, offshore production platforms and other petrochemical industries.
  • Petroleum Engineering Services - design, manufacture and installation of advanced well completion and intervention systems.
  • Petroleum Equipment Institute
  • Petrosin - specializing in oil and gas processing equipment and plants.
  • Presson Manufacturing - manufacturer of oil and gas production and processing equipment.
  • Priority Projects Ltd. - new and used oil and gas production equipment.
  • Pump Exchange, Inc - supplier of used service station equipment, including pumps, dispensers and parts.
  • Quality Bit & Supply
  • QuipBase - new and used surplus offshore equipment for rent and sale, with equipment-wanted listings on-line
  • R and W International - oil field equipment and water well equipment distributor.
  • R.K. Pipe & Supply - buys and sells drill pipe, drilling equipment, tubular goods, and oilfield supplies.
  • RAMA Fabrication/Interstate Treating, Inc. - manufacturer of oil and gas processing equipment including code pressure vessels, glycol dehydration equipment, amine gas treating plants and custom fabricated items.
  • Rayco Oilfield Services & Engineering Pte Ltd
  • RCS Production Services - oilfield service company providing downhole chemical injection sytems (CIS), permanent gauge installations (CRMS) and a downhole corrosion monitoring system (DCMStm).
  • RDM Industrial Electronics - repair and replacement of electronic cores for the petroleum dispensing equipment industry.
  • Red Man Pipe and Supply Company - distributor of consumable oil field and industrial supplies and tubular goods.
  • Red Wing Service & Supply, Inc. - inventory of API and non-API washpipe, tubing, and casing for sale with the required accessory equipment available.
  • Republic Supply Co. - distributor of industrial machinery and supplies including oilfield equipment.
  • Richards Industries, Inc - petroleum handling equipment and safety devices. Links to distributors.
  • Rigging Management Systems - methods and system for heavy duty lifting within petro-chemical, off-shore and heavy industry in general.
  • Rino Equipment - resellers of refurbished oilfield equipment, such as compressor cylinders, engines, frames, gas compressor packages, integral compressors, plants, and vessels.
  • Robertson Geologging - designer, manufacturer and service operator of borehole logging systems.
  • Rodec - manufactures and supplies automatic tubing rotators and related components.
  • Russ Burran - dealer in oil well electric motors, pump panels and related products.
  • S. Bravo Systems, Inc. - offers petroleum maintenance products, including patented secondary containment/shutdown systems for gasoline dispensers.
  • S.O. (Soluble Oil) International, LLC - oil drilling lubricant.
  • S.S. Engineering Industries - manufacturers and exporters of oil & petroleum conservation equipment.
  • Saab Marine Electronics AB - radar based tank level gauging systems for: tankers, refiners, tank terminals and the chemical industry.
  • SCFM Compression Systems - manufacturers of custom-engineered natural gas compression packages.
  • Scientific Drilling Inc. - offers gyro and magnetic survey/steering systems, directional drilling and production logging services.
  • Serva Corporation - pumps, pump parts, drilling rock bits and other petroleum equipment.
  • Setac Chemical Corporation - manufacturing and marketing company primarily providing oil and gas well drilling fluid additives.
  • SME Corporation - service station maintenance and equipment provider.
  • SOFEC Inc - supplier of marine terminals, turret mooring systems and floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) systems.
  • Spectrogram Corporation - provides environmental monitoring sensors for the petroleum industry.
  • Stewart & Stevenson Petroleum Equipment - SCR systems, oilwell servicing and drilling equipment.
  • STRATCO, Incorporated - engineering services and specialized equipment for the oil refining process known as Alkylation.
  • Sub Surface Tools, Inc - rental equipment for drilling, completion and work-over of oil and gas wells. We have 4 locations on the U.S. gulf coast.
  • Sun Machinery - buy and sell used oil drilling rigs, equipment, and oil producing properties.
  • T.H. Russell Co. - engineering, design, fabrication and installation of oil and gas processing equipment.
  • Tara Trading Company - buys, sells, or trades oilfield equipment.
  • Taylor Made Oil Tools, Inc - designs and manufactures tools for coiled tubing, wireline, snubbing, and completions.
  • TBI Oifield Supply Co., Inc. - supplies and parts for exploraton, drilling, producing or any other phase of the oil & gas industry
  • Techniplas - aluminum drill and pipe-cementing equipment, some with plastic fittings.
  • Texas Electronic Resources, Inc - oid field automation, design, and manufacturing company with products ranging from transient protection to complete process control systems.
  • Time Products Inc. - oil and gas wellhead controllers and related equipment.
  • Tradico International - supplying tank-related products for petrochemical industry.
  • TRS Ltd - develops, manufactures, licenses and sells proprietary trenchless equipment. The company has adapted oilfield technology for pipe-bursting and other kinds of underground construction.
  • U.S. Oil - wholesaler and distributor of petroleum products and equipment, automotive aftermarket parts such as tires, exhaust and brakes, gas stations, and heating and plumbing.
  • Valmet Automation - Sage Systems - worldwide supplier of SCADA systems, OASyS (Open Architecture SyStem), for oil & gas pipelines, electrical and water/waste-water.
  • W.L. Walker Co., Inc. - an oil-field supply distributor and manufacturer. Includes centrifuges, gage tapes, digital thermometers, and etc.
  • Wampex - specializes in new and used oilfield equipment.
  • Waters International - Houston, TX - oilfield equipment sales corporation domestic and international new and reconditioned equipment
  • Wayne - integrated gasoline and fueling retail control systems.
  • Weatherford - oilfield services and equipment.
  • Well Master Corporation - manufactures a complete line of downhole tools for plunger lift, plungers, wellhead lubricators, and electronic controls including automation and telemetry.
  • Wellhead Control Products, Inc. - manufacturer of coiled tubing hanger systems, valve and B.O.P. repair, christmas trees, and other oilfield/wellhead equipment.
  • Westflo Products - distributors of cam couplings, check valves, steam traps, and other industrial products.
  • Z.I. Probes Inc - committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative, high quality products that incorporate the latest advancements in technology for the Oil and Gas Industry.



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