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 Safety Equipment

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  • Jackson Products - designs, manufactures and sells safety products and welding accessories for the welding, construction and industrial markets. Products include safety spectacles and fiberglass welding helmets.

  • Fluid Forms, Inc. - offering kneepads designed to prevent injuries and minimize the pain that can occur from gardening, home improvement projects, floor installations, and other activities.

  • NSP - manufacturer of protective equipment for consumer and industrial markets.

  • Ad-tek - manufactures and designs ductless and portable fume hoods to control hazardous fumes, gases, vapors, aerosols, and all particulates.

  • All Safe Industries, Inc. - distributor specializing in confined space entry equipment including gas detection, fall protection, ventilation, and breathing systems for industry and the fire service.

  • Seton Identification Products - offers workplace safety and regulatory information, including signs, labels, tags, pipemarkers, and other identification products.

  • American Auto Parts - suppliers of vehicle parts, tools, body shop supplies, engines, and exporters of vehicles, boats, hospital supplies, safety equipment and lighting, workclothes, and more.

  • American Safety Institute - offer head, eye, and face protection, as well as a variety of other equipment.

  • American Supply Corporation - paper, lighting and safety supplies and products for business, government agency and medical use.

  • Amstep Products, LLC - manufacturers of safety treads, nosings, caps, and non-slip glow steps for new and restoration stair projects.

  • Angel Safety Products Inc. - specializes in first aid supplies, safety kits, WCB requirements, and hypoallergenic products.

  • APA International, Inc. - distributor of industrial safety & fire protection equipment.

  • Apollo Safety Inc. - safety goggles and shades.

  • Ascorel - makes safety devices for industrial equipment.

  • Avongard - manufacturer of crack monitors that measures the movement of cracks in brick, concrete, and masonry structures to improve safety.

  • Black Mountain Trading Post, The - sells safety compliance products as well as computer supplies.

  • Boom Environmental Products - specializing in spill control, containment products and reusable absorbents for all types of spills including marine, industrial, commercial, etc.

  • Bouton - manufacturer of protective safety eyewear. Meets OSHA requirements and ANSI standards.

  • Brenton Safety Inc - supplier of industrial and business safety equipment.

  • Gall's Inc. - offering public safety equipment and uniforms for law, fire, and emergency medical professionals.

  • Brenton Safety Inc - supplier of industrial and business safety equipment.

  • Bullard - manufacturer of protective equipment including hard hats, rescue helmets, airline respirators, ambient air pumps, and thermal imaging devices used in firefighting.

  • Abatix Corp. - supplier of safety, construction, and industrial products.

  • ABCsafetymart.com - offers work gloves, raincoats, coveralls, modern safety glasses, cool hard hats, and other items to individuals, industry, and retail.

  • Actnow Convex Mirrors - acrylic polycarbonate stainless steel outdoor or indoor mirrors.

  • Mine Safety Appliances - MSA provides equipment and systems for worker and plant protection.

  • WCN Sports Nets - source for protection, cargo, and sports netting for baseball, golf, hockey, soccer, volleyball and more.

  • Sure Foot Industries - slip-free coatings for ceramic surfaces, such as bathroom tiles, mall floors, and other potentially dangerous areas

  • G2Safety.com - features brand name safety equipment and domestic preparedness products including gas masks.

  • Bullard - manufacturer of protective equipment including hard hats, rescue helmets, airline respirators, ambient air pumps, and thermal imaging devices used in firefighting.

  • Bunch Company, The - offers gloves, rainwear, hard hats, safety belts, signs, glasses, and more.

  • Canadian Emergency News - 19-year-old magazine dedicated to the prehospital emergency medical professions and to related emergency response agencies involved with public health and safety.

  • CareTek Resources, Inc. - offers health and safety products for healthcare and industrial work environments, as well as personal/home safety preparation.

  • CDX Corporation - manufacturer and distributor of spirometers and spirometry supplies, as well as blood borne pathogen spill clean up kits.

  • Industrial Safety Company - selling eye protection, gloves, respirators, and disaster response products.

  • Charles M. Allen Company, Inc. - manufacturers representative company offering distributors in industrial, safety, fire, first aid and hardware markets in the southeast states. Product lines include rehydration drinks.

  • Clark-McKibben Safety Products - products include gloves, eye protection, first aid supplies, protective clothing, and more.

  • Class 1 - developing and producing advanced electronic monitoring equipment, engine and pump controls and electrical components and controls for fire trucks.

  • Colonial Michigan Glove & Safety Supply Company, Inc. - offers protective footwear, eyewear, and gloves for protection and material handling.

  • Compliance Center Corporation - catalogue of commercial and industrial floor mats. ASEC consultants available to assist your company in achieving compliance with OSHA and EPA laws. Franchises available for qualified individuals.

  • Con-Sapce Communications Ltd. - manufacturer of communications equipment for confined space and hazardous environments.

  • Conney Safety Products - supplier of personal and industrial safety and first aid supplies.

  • Crews Incorporated - eye and face protection meeting the requirements for a wide range of applications.

  • Danko Emergency Equipment Co

  • Dantack Corporation - offers industrial safety, respiratory, first aid, and environmental supplies and products.

  • Diamond Safety Concepts - offers Safety Grooving, a process that uses diamond tools to cut a concentric groove pattern into an existing floor surface in order to improve traction.

  • Lab Safety Supply Inc - products for workplace safety

  • Draeger - our safety division covers all aspects from breathing to diving and gas detection.

  • Seton Identification Products - offers workplace safety and regulatory information, including signs, labels, tags, pipemarkers, and other identification products.

  • Digit-Pro - offers Cutstop Disposable Finger Guard, designed to prevent injuries during food preparation.

  • Disaster Recovery Journal

  • Draeger - our safety division covers all aspects from breathing to diving and gas detection.

  • Draeger Safety, Inc - providers of quality safety products including detector tubes, portable and fixed gas detection instruments, respiratory protection and diving products.

  • Dualdraw - downdraft workstations designed to protect metal working employees from smoke, fumes, and dust. Also offers wheelchair accessible stations.

  • DuPont Protective Apparel

  • Edwards - A Unit of General Signal - manufacturer/supplier of fire alarm and other life safety equipment.

  • Elk River Fall Protection and Safety Equipment - manufacturer of products for fall protection, occupational safety, confined space rescue and retrieval, back supports, and worker positioning gear.

  • EMED Co., Inc. - offers sign and safety communication through a direct mail order catalog.

  • Emergency Books & Training Inc. - source for emergency related books, videos, training supplies, and software.

  • Empire Safety and Supply - distributing supplies for PPE, hazmat, material handling and storage, maintenance, and other needs.

  • Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. - manufacturer of highway safety products, including crash cushions, end terminals and portable barriers.

  • ENMET Corporation - manufacturer of gas and vapor detection equipment. Confined space and personal monitoring instruments are available.

  • Enviro-Safety Products - personal respiratory, facial, and hearing protection products.

  • EnviroMentor AB - producing measurement instruments for electric and magnetic fields.

  • Equipment Direct - safety, first aid, fall protection and ergonomic equipment.

  • ERB Industries, Inc. - head, eye and face protection equipment and other safety products.

  • eSafetyWorld - online provider of industrial safety and hazard-related equipment.

  • Falcon Safety Products, Inc - diversified manufacturer of products for a variety of markets including office, photographic, marine and safety.

  • Fall Protection Systems, Inc. - manufactures guardrail systems.

  • Fall Safe, Inc. - sells body harnesses, self retracting lanyards, lifelines, and more.

  • Famco Safety Engineering Inc. - offers safety nets, stunt and movie set equipment, and other fall protection supplies.

  • Norstat - distributor of Riese safety relays, Werma warning lights and devices.

  • Omark Safety Products - for the home and workplace.

  • Orion Safety Products - large selection of safety and distress signals, first aid kits, and accessories. Product lines include marine flares, road flares, lightsticks, and wilderness survival items.

  • Pajo Inc. - developed by Pajo, these reuseable, nuisance dust masks won't fog glasses.

  • PearlWeave Safety Netting Corp. - fall protection, debris containment, and OSHA compliance, including PearlWeave solutions for the construction and safety industries.

  • Peerless Electrical - offers a range of Federal Signal safety products including visual, audial, intercom, and public address equipment.

  • Prime Health Enterprises - providing skin protection for industrial, medical, and individual use.

  • Prinzing Enterprises Inc. - manufacturer of products designed to help customers comply with OSHA regulations, specializing in dispensers.

  • Pro-Am Safety - full line supplier of industrial safety equipment. Gas Masks available.

  • Product Innovation

  • Professional Equipment - sells handheld meters, analyzers, and detectors for gas, moisture, and temperature, plus other products for home inspectors and HVAC and facility professionals.

  • Federal Signal Corporation - supplies sirens, public address systems, and emergency, warning, strobe lights.

  • Air Safe - gas detection, fall protection, and other industrial safety equipment.


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