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 Surveillance Equipment

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  • Surveillance Equipment : surveillanceequipment.com has wide range of surveillance equipment and accessories include but not limited to: anti-bugs, anti bugs, Security products, Anti-bugging, audio, Bugs detectors, lock picks vehicle tracking, shoplifting control, video, privacy, wireless video, spy, monitor, monitoring, wireless, CCTV, Hidden Cameras, Alarms, remote, Telephone recorders, bugs, optics and more.
  • Big Brother Surveillance - monitor interaction between nanny/babysitter and child. Covert and hidden video cameras for home, business and office needs.
  • CareCams - remote video surveillance via internet, intranet, or direct dial. Specializing in day care and remote office monitoring.
  • Carisa International - distributors of electronic security equipment to Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Covert Technologies  - security products including CCTV, hidden cameras, alarms, telephone recorders, bugs, lock picks vehicle tracking, and shoplifting control.
  • Spy Supply Store  - offering hidden video cameras and other security devices.
  • #1 Spy, Security and Surveillance
  • A.B. Electronics Int'l, Inc. - electronics security products for privacy and security, anti-bugging and bugs detectors development and manufacturing surveillance and counter surveillance systems.
  • Cascadia Systems - distributor of security, CCTV and access control products, featuring the DiCam Video Surveillance System.
  • Control Electronic Security - designs and installs local and international electronic security systems.
  • Conway Manufacturing - manufacturer and supplier of camera housing, cctv applications and accessories.
  • Crow and Associates - surveillance systems, computer services, and electronic repair.
  • CS Technologies - access control and security equipment manufacturer.
  • Culligan, Joseph - books, spy cameras, and resources.
  • David Mark Companies - offers equipment and publications to assist in the investigation of unfaithful spouses.
  • Delstar Security and Wireless Communications - specializes in wireless monitoring and video systems for home or office.
  • Delta Scientific - high security vehicle barriers, parking lot equipment and guard booths.
  • Denning Electronics - manufacturerer's rep specializing in physical security equipment, CCTV, peripheral security, and access controls.
  • Diamond Traffic Products - offering traffic-counting products and surveillance systems.
  • DielectroKinetic Laboratories - manufacturer of LifeGuard handheld detectors.
  • DocuDrive, Inc. - in-vehicle video surveillance systems for your car or boat.
  • EDE Spy Outlet - specializing in hidden video cameras, loss prevention, electronic debugging, anti-tapping devices, audio, video recorders, locksmithing tools, and surveillance equipment.
  • Electro-Optics - covert cameras, micro video cameras, camera housings, and more.
  • Electronic Countermeasures Inc - provides cellular, pager and fax surveillance monitoring systems to law enforcement and other investigative agencies world wide.
  • Electronic Security Warehouse - provider of electronic security and life safety systems. Specializing in heavy industrial CCTV and covert video.
  • EnviroTek Industries - night vision, thermal imaging and surveillance equipment available to the public.
  • Erdman Video Systems - Remote computer controlled video monitoring. Access camera thru phone lines. Pan/tilt/zoom. Automatic Internet page update.
  • EverFocus Electronics Corp - manufacturer of surveillance equipments.
  • Excelsior Services, Inc. - devoted to surveillance and covert (hidden) video surveillance. Also does process service.
  • Eye Tech Surveillance - surveillance equipment manufacture and sales, with world wide mail order. Speciallist services and products available; free advice line.
  • EyeCast Communications, Inc. - provides turnkey services focused on integration of video imaging, Internet technology, IP Telephony, video broadcasting, and secure communications.
  • Federal Security Camera Inc. - offers imitation surveillance cameras and fake shoplifting sensors.
  • G-Com Technologies - offers cellular, computer, and fax monitoring.
  • Gadgets by Design - manufacturers of custom video surveillance equipment and video solutions.
  • Garden State Fire & Security Alarm Company - provides installation, service, and monitoring of all types of security and fire alarm products and systems.
  • Get Smart Tech, Inc. - provides surveillance equipment for home, business, and family security.
  • Global Security Network - electronic security manufacturing and distribution company field targeted towards the Latin American market.
  • Gordon Electronics - video surveillance, CCDs, and other security system related items.
  • Great Southern Security - offers counter surveillance and electronic listening devices.
  • Hanlon Security Corporation - remote video surveillance monitoring systems, equipment, design, installation and service.
  • Hidden Camera Solutions - covert video surveillance and hidden camera security equipment.
  • High Tech Store - computers, security, spy and surveillance, cctv, environmental, assertive technologies for disabled, cellular and long range phones.
  • HutchNET - distributor of high-tech, affordable surveillance equipment.
  • I SPY - standard and covert surveillance equipment sales and service.
  • IC Logic - designers and manufactures of digital surveillance and security cameras for mobile, retail, commercial, domestic, and industrial applications.
  • Information Palace - sells telephone surveillance equipment and other electronics. Also builds and maintains web sites for small businesses. Site has related FAQs and links.
  • Intercept Investigations & Spy Technologies - investigator, detective and information agency. Also sells surveillance, counterfeit detection, security and countermeasures equipment.
  • International Surveillance Services, LLC - a retailer of spy cameras, hidden nanny cameras, security, and industrial surveillance equipment.
  • Investigators Online - services include people locator, property owner search, skiptraceing, and background investigation services. Covert surveillance equipment also available.
  • Itelligence Support Group - supplies electronic surveillance equipment to law enforcement and government agencies.
  • James E. Fowler & Associates - offers state-of-the-art electronic surveillance equipment to the law enforcement community.
  • Kinder Guard, LLC - sells covert, wireless, remote, and traditional cctv equipment and accessories.
  • Kipp Visual Systems - specializes in commercial video and multimedia systems and the engineering and integration of large-scale security installations.
  • Kriton Electronics - source for spy surveillance and security electronics.
  • Laslink - providing telecommunications, surveillance, imaging, and cargo services with high-altitude airship systems.
  • Lectrolarm Custom Systems, Inc. - surveillance cameras and equipment.
  • Mackman - carries survillance and spying equipment for individual and business use.
  • Matco Inc. - offers CCD board, hidden, and wireless cameras, quad processors, and accessories.
  • MCQ Associates, Inc. - products including surveillance and remote sensors.
  • Micro Video Products - offers miniature & wireless video, pinhole video cameras, and surveillance & spy systems for a variety of security monitoring purposes.
  • Mobile-Vision, Inc. - manufacturer of in-car video systems and tape management solutions.
  • Nevada Systems - wide range of cameras, monitors, professional communications and security equipment.
  • Novex (Canada) Ltd. - offers a high-tech, PC-camera adapter for remote video surveillance.
  • NTC Electronics, Inc. - specializes in the design, sales, installation, and service of closed circuit television (CCTV), card access control, and video badging systems.
  • Orcom - Israeli representative of American manufacturer of electronic surveillance equipment.
  • OzVision - developing digital cameras for security applications.
  • Panther's Surveillance & Police Supply - offers hidden cameras, law enforcement batons and holsters, flashlights, and more.
  • PC Patrol - a hardware and software combination that converts a home or office PC into a security and surveillance system.
  • Philips Communication & Security Systems Inc.
  • Prescient Systems - video surveillance motion detection software. Records images only when triggered by motion, providing time stamped video files. Includes E-mail, pager, FTP, and sound notification.
  • Preston Video & Electronics - offering surveillance and security equipment as well as satellite systems.
  • Privacy Electronics - wiretap and bug detection sweeps and equipment.
  • PriVID Eye Systems Corporation - makers of Remote Vision and Hidden Vision systems.
  • Acode - distributes a line of barcode scanners, portable terminals, and electronic article surveillance (eas) systems.
  • Advanced Intelligence Spy Shop - sells small, wireless video cameras.
  • Advanced Surveillance Technologies, Inc. - AST supplies equipment and installation for retail clients, law enforcement, residential and remote observation applications.
  • Advis Inc. - developer and manufacturer of remote video surveillance technology.
  • Alba Control Systems Ltd. - manufacturers of closed circuit television, ccd cameras, access control equipment for industrial & residential use.
  • Allgard Security - video camera & VCR products that mount in most vehicles; metal detectors.
  • AMC Sales, Inc - electronic surveillance equipment and anti-surveillance equipment; free catalog.
  • American Universal Wholesale
  • ATV Research - specializing in CCTV, MATV and SMATV products.
  • Bartec - making advanced telephone surveillance products for law enforcement.


  • Protection Specialists, Inc. - fire, security and home automation.
  • Relco Sales Company - manufacturers agent and distributor of covert audio and video equipment, closed circuit video, two-way radio equipment, tire deflation devices and more.
  • RHS Products - offers a variety of hidden cameras including many wireless systems.
  • Rock House Products - offering video surveillance equipment including CCD, color, ultra miniature board, hidden smoke detector and hidden clock cameras and time lapse VCR's recording.
  • RuMe Corporation - distributor of refurbished EAS equipment.
  • Safe Communication Inc. - manufactures and sells surveillance technology. Des nouveaux produits de surveillance pour votre sécurité.
  • Safe Security, Inc.
  • SecureEye.com - develops hardware and software for remote presence viewing and monitoring.
  • Security Design Services - offering a variety of professional security electronics.
  • Security Labs - full featured video surveillance recorder designed for commercial and home use. Can be set to record continuously or as events occur.
  • See-it Surveillance Company - retailer of video surveillance equipment.
  • Sentech EAS Corporation - manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, tags and accessories.
  • Shryock Communications - manufacturer of advanced law enforcement surveillance equipment including in-car video systems.
  • Sitter Observation Systems - sells covert NannyCam-style wired and wireless hidden camera surveillance systems.
  • Special Electronic Security Products Ltd. - design and manufacture surveillance and counter surveillance equipment and systems.
  • SpectraTek Corporation - manufactures micro-electronic surveillance equipment for law enforcement and government agencies.
  • Spy Base - state of the art surveillance and anti-surveillance equipment.
  • Spy Camera Specialists, Inc - variety of do-it-your-self video surveillance systems.
  • Spy Company - Spy store. Same day worldwide shipping, secure online catalog. Surveillance equipment, pinhole video cameras, privacy theft personal protection, bug detectors, lock picking, and more.
  • Spy Guys Discount Catalog - surveillance, spy, counter-spy, crime prevention and detection products.
  • Spy Shops International, Inc.
  • Spy Store, Inc., The - selection of covert wireless video and audio surveillance, security, and loss prevention equipment.
  • Spy Store, The - surveillance and security merchandise.
  • Spy Supply Online - offers a large selection of surveillance, security and privacy assurance devices.
  • Spy vs Spy - we carry surveillance and security items, counter surveillance products, night vision gear, books, and special order items.
  • Spy Zone - the real world of spy versus spy, corporate espionage, counter intelligence, surveillance, and ultra-high tech detection systems.
  • Spy-City - offers counter surveillance, bug detection equipment, and general information.
  • Spy-Tech - surveillance equipment.
  • Spysite! - American Innovations, Inc. - surveillance and security equipment.
  • SpyStuff.Net - specializing in miniature covert wireless electronic surveillance equipment, hidden cams, pinhole video board cameras, binoculars, night vision, and more.
  • Spytec
  • Supercircuits - sells microvideo cameras, transmitters, and receivers.
  • Surveillance Specialties, Inc - manufacturing electronic surveillance bugging equipment.
  • Surveillance Specialties, Ltd. - specializing in covert and overt CCTV systems, access control systems, and other aspects of electronic surveillance.
  • Surveyor Corporation - develops robotic camera control and digital video processing components.
  • Sutter Companies - Sell, install, and service video camera and surveillance systems.
  • Tracer Technology - offers surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment and tactical military and police gear.
  • Universal Safeguard Security Corp. - featuring products for covert video surveillance.
  • Video Domain Technologies Ltd. - digital video and audio, CCTV and remote surveillance products for the security market.
  • Videotronix Inc - security and image systems integrators.
  • Viking International - provides professional telephone surveillance equipment.
  • Visionary Solutions Incorporated - customized video cameras, components and technology licenses.
  • Watchful Eye - supplier of hidden video cameras and wireless transmitters for nanny and other surveillance requirements.
  • Worldwide Security Ltd. - rents commercial Covert CCTV equipment and services available on a 24 hour basis.



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