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  • Volkin Electronics, Inc. - New Member - is stocking distributor of board level components including but not limited to: Semiconductors (ICíS, memory, micro controllers, CPUís, etc.), Capacitors (Tantalum, Ceramic), & more servicing OEM; CEM; Distributors; Engineers and commercial customers of computers, telecomms, industrial, medical equipment, automobiles, gaming and other high-tech sectors.
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  • Aurimpex Technologies Inc. - telecommunication equipment integrator and exporter to eastern europe with local installation and service offices.
  • Carlson Wireless Telephone - features the i-WLL, a rural radio telephone 10-mile link, which can be used for either voice or v.34 dial-up modem connections to the internet.
  • CellPort Labs, Inc. - developer, licensor, and manufacturer specializing in wireless universal connectivity technology.
  • Christie And Walther Communications Limited - wireless communications company; Motorola land mobile equipment, Federal Signal Corporation emergency and Bell Mobility products.
  • Communications Northwest, Inc - wireless communications from cellular to satelite.
  • ComtronICS Industrial Communication Systems - supplying wireless communication systems to the nuclear power and defense industries.
  • Connectivity, Inc. - providing two-way, solar-powered communications products for a variety of industries and needs.
  • Creator Ltd. - products based on voice-based, interactive technology. Potential markets include toys, education, special needs, and home automation.
  • Dynamic Telecommunications Inc
  • EMS Wireless - design, manufacture, and marketing of antennas and wireless communications systems.
  • Genave Radio Communications - Two-way Radio Communications and Control
  • Glenayre - suppliers of wireless data infrastructure: switches, networks, control equipment, transmitters, and voice mail equipment.
  • Global Data Inc. - provides cellular, satellite and wireless interface products to allow the transparent usage of standard telephone devices over wireless networks.
  • Globestar Technology, Inc. - offers radio communication systems including PCS personal communications, public safety, trunked radio, paging, transit, cellular, VHF, UHF, 800MHz.
  • Grayson Electronics Company - specializes in RF communications for the cellular, PCS, DCS, and paging markets, including range extension and wireless measurement products.
  • HAL Communications Corp. - manufacturer of data communications equipment for the commercial and amateur radio market.
  • Harris Corporation - Farinon Division - designs and manufactures state-of-the-art microwave and lightwave transmission products.
  • HighwayMaster Communications, Inc. - mobile communications products for the trucking and automotive industries combining voice, data and GPS tracking.
  • Hutton Communication, Inc. - wireless communications and power systems equipment distributor.
  • Inovonics - developer and manufacturer of 900MHz products for wireless voice and data communications.
  • InterDigital Communications Corporation - develops and markets telecommunications system based on TDMA technology.
  • International Communications Group - communications integration equipment.
  • ITS Corporation - manufacturer of wireless signal transmission equipment and systems for broadcast and wireless service providers.
  • JOLT Ltd - high speed infrared wireless communications.
  • KRD - exports wireless data communication devices.
  • Kyocera Mobile Communications - products include cellular phones, telecom terminals and networking equipment.
  • Lakeland Communication Service - 2-way radio sales and service center. Also offering Motorola paging and 2-Way Products, as well as Nextel 3 in 1 Communication Solutions.
  • LandLinx - providing wireless telephony services to remote and rural areas.
  • LSA Photonics - manufacturer of wireless laser-communication systems. Also provides custom optical engineering, specializing in liquid-crystal systems.
  • Manhattan Wireless - offering cellular phones and accessories, pagers, dish network, and more.
  • MDS International - solutions for wireless communications.
  • Medical Communication Systems, Inc.
  • megaCar - mobile high-tech office equipped with a network connection, with bandwidth of more than 150 kilobits per second via GSM permits real-time video conferencing.
  • Metric Systems - manufacturers and sells multi-band wide-area wireless data networking systems for commercial,industrial, and government applications.
  • Microwave Bypass, Inc. - microwave bypass manufactures and installs radio systems for full speed lan, T1- T3, and video communications.
  • Microwave Data Systems - supplier of wireless telecommunications products and systems.
  • Miller Wireless - wireless audio\video communications products.
  • MobyTEL Wireless Data - wireless data equipment and services for automatic vehicle location (AVL), point of sale (POS) for credit/debit card transactions and fleet dispatch.
  • Moseley Associates - source of digital wireless equipment and services for the global broadcast, control Ccmmunications and SCADA systems integration markets.
  • Multipoint Networks
  • Nettech Systems, Inc. - provides wireless middleware to companies who develop, implement and maintain mobile data applications.
  • Notor Research - wireless design, new product development.
  • One plus One Technologies - offers a hitless protection switch to protect and increase microwave network quality.
  • Oplink Communications Ltd. - manufactures wireless optical communication products, wireless infrared data modems, IR transmistters and receivers and OEM prodcuts for IR communications.
  • OptaPhone Systems - wireless local loop (WLL) telephone systems for rural, remote telecommunications worldwide.
  • P-Squared Communications, Inc.
  • Pacific Communication Sciences, Inc. - a leading supplier of products and technology for the emerging new world of digital communications.
  • Portable Products, Inc - bar code data collection products and services. Barcode and RF integration services.
  • Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc. - products for wireless voice, data, and video communications.
  • Prime Performance Technologies Inc. - applications developer, system integrator and reseller of wireless data communication equipment and service.
  • Radio Direct Group, Inc. - sales, service, and rental of wireless communications equipment and accessories.
  • RadioConnect Corporation - develops and manufactures wireless communications equipment for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Radionics, Inc - full service wireless communications company. We sell and service a variety of communications products
  • RF Marketing - manufacturer's representative serving the greater Midwest. Test and site equipment.
  • RF-Link - manufactures and sells wireless communication products for home audio and video and satellite systems.
  • RFdi Pty Ltd - design, manufacture and installation of RF based systems for the telecommunications industry.
  • Rotating Precision Mechanisms, Inc. - manufacturer of antenna, radar, FLIR & sensor positioners, and controls.
  • Rubytron - selling antenna system designed to enhance signal coverage inside skyscrapers, warehouses, and other building types.
  • Rutel Inc. - manufactures and distributes wireless telecommunication systems for the rural telephone market.
  • SignalSoft Corp. - wireless location services for the intelligent network.
  • Sonik Technologies Corporation - offering wireless modems, digital paging, SCADA, and telemetry products.
  • Speedcom International - manufactures wireless voice, data, and video connectivity equipment.
  • SR Telecom - supplier of PMP (Point to Multipoint) TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) microwave radio systems.
  • Summitek Instruments, Inc. - provider of high-performance RF test equipment to the wireless industry. Includes in-depth information on passive intermodulation (PIM) measurements.
  • Surplus Communications - new, used, and refurbished wireless and telecommunications infrastructure equipment from major manufacturers.
  • Symmetry Communications Systems, Inc. - offers wireless data communications infrastructure equipment.
  • Tait Electronics - providing enterprise wireless communications solutions worldwide.
  • Teletronics Interanational - design and development of wireless voice and data communication products.
  • Telular Corporation - supplier of fixed wireless terminals and wireless alarm back-up for cellular and PCS products.
  • Telxon Corporation
  • Thomson Microsonics - dedicated to high performance Surface Acoustic Wave components and acoustic Transducers.
  • TransTel Group Inc. - source for cellular equipment in telemetry, meter reading, wireless loop applications, and for backing up critical telephone service.
  • TRL Technologies, Inc. - wireless design and development for cellular, AMPS/GSM PCS and paging RF amplifiers, repeaters, boosters and cell enhancers.
  • TTI Wireless - manufacturer and distributor of wireless communications systems. Includes bridges, microwave, antennas, WaveLAN, laser, amplifiers, and other networking needs.
  • UTStarcom - develops, markets and supports advanced telephony products and value-added services for emerging markets, primarily in China, India, southeast Asia and South America.
  • Voyager Technologies Inc. - contract engineering company that develops wireless products for client companies.
  • WaveSpan Corporation
  • Wireless Professional Communication Services, Inc - supplier of wireless, voice, and data communications equipment. Specializing in wholesale business and industrial sales.
  • World Wireless Communications, Inc. - develops, manufactures, markets and licenses wireless communications devices and systems based on its proprietary wireless and spread spectrum technology.
  • ZK Celltest - provides wireless field test equipment world wide.
  • Zsigo Wireless Data Consultants - provider of wireless data training for carriers and developers.
  • Advanced Digital - designs, builds, and installs wireless data communication systems.
  • Advanced Digital Systems of St. Louis, Inc. - for 2-way radio communications, covert cameras, wireless video - all commercial-grade, professional equipment.
  • Advanced Electronics - sales and service for two-way radio communications, Nextel digital communications, and closed circuit video systems.
  • American Communication Systems - spread spectrum wireless LAN, data communications and networking equipment, mobile communications, and consulting.
  • AstroTerra Corporation - manufacturer of Terralink building-to-building free-space laser communication systems. Also satellite laser communications and 3-D display equipment.



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