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Exercise Equipment  - Suppliers

Exercise Equipment, gym, Sports, fitness, aerobic, treadmills, stair climbers, machine


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used parts

 Our Members: Suppliers of new/used parts and equipment

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 General Listing:
  • Amador Valley Exercise Equipment Company - carries high-end home gym equipment for the athlete. Site also has an e-zine fitness journal with tipes on health, nutrition, and workouts.
  • Americas Fitness Warehouse,Inc - commercial and residential equipment.
  • Volkin Electronics, Inc. is stocking distributor of board level components including but not limited to: Semiconductors (ICíS, memory, micro controllers, CPUís, etc.), Capacitors (Tantalum, Ceramic), & more servicing OEM; CEM; Distributors; Engineers and commercial customers of computers, telecomms, industrial, medical equipment, automobiles, gaming and other.
  • Apex Fitness Equipment - lines of selectorized, free weight, ladies, and wheelchair access fitness equipment.
  • Athletic Physical Edge Corporation - TIB exerciser is a strengthening device that isolates the tibialis muscle and ankle.
  • Athletic Training Analysis - producers of the Pro-Vitsa system for evaluating reaction time, foot speed, leg strength, jump height, anaerobic power, and muscular endurance.
  • Atlantis Fitness Equipment
  • Back Builder - exercises to improve posture, strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine.
  • Beyond Moseying - offers a variey of equipment for homes and businesses.
  • Bodytech Fitness Equipment - provides commercial products.
  • Bodyzone - international dealer of fitness equipment, fitness accessories, gym/aerobic clothing and supplements.
  • Broadcastvision
  • Cal-Sport/Body Bike - distributes exercise and physical therapy equipment.
  • Central States Fitness Systems - designs and installs commercial and institutional gyms.
  • Chi Machine USA - home aerobic exerciser.
  • Clark Barr - exercise device for building muscle mass.
  • Corporate Fitness Source - sells custom gym packages to health clubs, athletic directors, doctors and other professionals.
  • Creative Fitness, Inc.
  • CSA Fitness - equipment company. We meet all your fitness needs.
  • Designer Innovative Products - designers of a gel cushion intended to relieve lower back pain, and to protect the lower back while doing abdominal crunches.
  • Direct Fitness Solutions LLC. - designs and implements corporate or in house fitness equipment.
  • Dynabee - gyroscopic exercisers.
  • Elliptix - elliptical cross trainer.
  • Enhancer Products - makers of the MegaGrip training aid for wrist, forearm, and upper body muscles.
  • Essence Inter-Trade - bodyfat burner jogging exerciser.
  • Ex N' Flex International - manufacturer of passive and active exercise therapy equipment for the disabled and the elderly.
  • Exercise Equipment Center - sells brand name cardiovascular and strength training equipment.
  • ExerHealth International - products include the LifeRider, PowerRider and many other exercise and home gym equipment.
  • Exerlopers Fitness Systems - Unique patented products: Exerloper revolutionary no-impact running shoes, Insta-pulse heart rate monitors, Antense anti-tension device, and Insta-runner home exerciser.
  • Express Success, Inc. - maker of the Flexwear cross training vest.
  • Factory Fitness - offers commercial grade treadmills, exercise bikes, stair steppers and more.
  • Firm Fit Willowear - distributor of workout equipment, Willowear weights, tubes, mats, and insoles.
  • FitLinxx Interactive Fitness Network - system gives health club members custom programs and personalized feedback to help them meet their goals.
  • Fitness Brokers - specializes in selling Nautilus exercise equipment.
  • Fitness First Products - offering exercise related items, including mats, weights, water products, and more.
  • KangaCrossing  - low impact exercise shoes.
  • Active Fun and Fitness - treadmills, stair climbers, home gyms, bikes, spas, saunas, gym, Sports, fitness, aerobic, stair climbers, & More.
  • Advanced Fitness - home gyms, bikes, spas and saunas and more.
  • All About Fitness - provide consulting services to those purchasing exercise equipment.
  • Fitness Headquarters - specializes in new and used commercial and residential excercise equipment.
  • Fitness R Us - sells factory direct equipment online.
  • Fitness Store, The - fitness and equipment specialists.
  • Fitness Tools, Inc. - tool to safely build, improve and maintain upper body muscle tone and measure increasing flexibility.
  • Fitness Zone, The  - with an online catalog, gym locator, articles, classifieds and forums.
  • Fitness-Co - offers a line of exercise equipment for the home.
  • FitnessNet - quality exercise and weight equipment shipped directly from the manufacturers.
  • Flaghouse - direct mail marketer of products for physical education, recreation, special education, rehabilitation, and institutional furniture.
  • Flex Band
  • GMP Fitness - physical therapy products, golf fitness and exercise products.
  • Golfercise - golf fitness system.
  • Havens Portable Trainer - a fitness system designed by Suzi Havens.
  • Health for Life - produces books, videos, and fitness accessories.
  • Health Line - domestic and international sales of new and remanufactured commercial fitness equipment.
  • HealthFX America - factory-direct discount outlet for Healthmax home gyms and personal fitness machines.
  • Heartline Fitness Products, Inc. - strength and cross-training equipment.
  • Heavy Glove - a weighted glove designed for muscle stretching, upper body muscle toning, and improving stamina.
  • Holl Meditronics Inc. - medical, therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment primarily used for the active and passive exercise of legs and arms.
  • Home Fitness, Inc - We sell treadmills, stair climbers, home and commercial gyms, bikes, free weight equipment and all related accessories.
  • Home Gym By Net - sells, services, and delivers exercise products.
  • Hydroforce - aquatic fitness and rehabilitation products for the professional fitness industry.
  • Integrated Fitness Resources, Inc. - commercial and residential exercise equipment sales, service, and replacement parts .
  • Kangoo Jumps - boot-like shoes that have a tension band that allows for jumping movements. Also offers a workshop for fitness instructors.
  • Kustom Built Weightlifting Equipment - benches, weights, bars, aerobic machines, for home, school, or fitness facilities.
  • Landmark Associates Pvt. Ltd - supplier and distributor of imported gym equipment.
  • LoJoLu Productions - sellers of the EZ Exercise Loop Spotter, used for stretching and deep muscle stimulation in direct isolate low impact workouts.
  • Looper, The - provides a workout to all muscle groups as well as the cardiovascular system.
  • MedX Corporation - testing, exercise, evaluation and rehabilitation equipment.
  • National Gym Supply - parts, service, repairs and technical support for fitness exercise equipment in health clubs, fitness centers, gyms. stairmaster, lifecycle, treadmills and more.
  • Nautilus Direct - equipment and training techniques for working out at home.
  • Nelco Fitness Equipment - for home and commercial gyms.
  • Nellies Fitness Equipment - complete line of treadmills, home gyms, bikes, pulse & heart monitors. We also carry free weights and strength training equipment.
  • Netwell Products - sells weights, exercise balls, hot and cold packs, and more. Also offers online personal consulting.
  • New England Fitness Equipment - offers exercise equipment and accessories including treadmills, elliptical trainers, home gyms, and weight equipment for home and commercial use.
  • NordicTrack - solutions to your fitness, wellness and health.
  • Ofex International, Inc. - provides the Officiser, an exercise device that can be used in the work place.
  • PACE Group Exercise Program
  • Pool Stuff, Inc. - provides flexible tethers for endless swimming and painless water jogging.
  • Premiere Fitness Equipment - offers new and used home equipment for physical fitness.
  • Private Practice - reminder disk that you wear in your pocket. Muscle toning system.
  • Profile Toner - three minute exerciser for the chin and neck.
  • ProForm Fitness Products - includes a free on-line fitness evaluation.
  • RangeMaker - an adjustable bicycle pedal assembly which allows completing full pedal revolutions by people with hip and knee injuries.
  • Resist-A-Ball - tool to strengthen, stretch, tone and shape your entire body.
  • SB Group - exporting exercize equipment under the brand name Sumer.
  • Spirit Fitness
  • Sports Art Industrial - designs and manufactures club and home fitness equipment.
  • Star Physique - designed to burn large quantities of fat from the center of your body.
  • Star Trac - supplier of treadmills, stationary exercise bikes and stairclimbers used around the world.
  • Swimcizor - a portable fitness machine that creates a steady flow of water to swim against.
  • Tecogics Scientific Limited - offers the Ex N'Flex exerciser.
  • Tectrix Fitness Equipment - state-of-the-art cardiovascular fitness equipment, such as the ClimbMax, BikeMax, and the Virtual Reality Bike and VR Climber.
  • Total Gym - provides a comparision of all total gym models and current promotional pricing and ordering.
  • Tunturi - exercise cycles, rowing machines, stair climbers, and ergometers for home and professional gym use.
  • Uppertone - allows people with C4-C5, and below, quadriplegia (tetraplegia) due to spinal injury to do sixteen upper-body exercises without assistance.
  • Vasa, Inc. - makers of the Vasa Trainer, an exercise and dryland training machine that simulates the movements of water sports, such as swimming, surfing, triathlon, water polo, and more.
  • Vibrosaun - private spa body-conditioning system for beauty, sport and health therapy, as well as weight control. Offers aroma-therapy in a tranquil therapeutic spa.
  • Watkins Fitness & Sports Equipment - offers retail, wholesale, and mail order.
  • Workout Warehouse - sells exercise and strength products online.
  • Worldwide Fitness, Inc. - offers used, refurbished, and bank reposessed fitness equipment including treadmills, steppers, bikes, circuits, and freeweights.
  • Xercize Corp. - fitness and health care company specializing in back treatment and personal training.
  • XOLopers - Convert negative energy of the impact into positive energy of the workout of the muscles and make running exercises shock and injury free.
  • Xystos - creators of interactive fitness equipment, including treadmills, hooked to the internet and featuring multimedia options and real-time data.
  • Zhejiang Shaoxing Wanda Body-Building Apparatus Co., Ltd
  • Gym Ball Store - sells exercise balls, videos, and manuals online.
  • HealthRider, Inc. - offering elliptical cross trainers, treadmills, strength training equipment, and more.
  • Proform Fitness - sells treadmills, riders, spas, and more.


  • Aqua Trend, Inc. - manufacturers of exercise equipment used in pools for training, therapy, and leisure.
  • Ballesteros Manufactory - manufactur custom component parts for athletic equipment while also providing solutions to your manufacturing needs.
  • Big United Co., Ltd. - manufacturer of sporting goods and exercise equipment.
  • Body Masters Sports Industries, Inc. - manufacture of comprehensive exercise systems.
  • Body-Solid, Inc. - manufactures free weight equipment, multi-station gyms, institutional equipment, and weight racks.
  • Bodyguard Fitness - manufacturers of fitness equipment including stairclimbers, treadmills, climbers and recumbent and upright bikes.
  • Brother Sporting Goods Co., Ltd - manufacture sporting and fitness goods.
  • Concept II, Inc. - designs and manufactures equipment for rowing and fitness.
  • Fit India Inc - exporter and manufacturer of gyms and fitness equipment.
  • Heart Rate, Inc. - manufactures and distributes exercise machines and accessories for home and club use.
  • Hebb Industries Inc. - manufacturer of exercise equipment.
  • Hoist - offers fitness equipment for commercial and home use.
  • Hydro-Fit, Inc. - manufactures and distributes water fitness and aquatic therapy equipment.
  • Icon Health and Fitness, Inc. - manufacturer of home fitness equipment from home gyms to treadmills and trampolines.
  • Jih Kao Enterprise Co., Ltd. - manufacturer and exporter of treadmills and home gym and accessories.
  • Johnny Gibson Gym Equipment - manufacturer and retailer of professional weight training and fitness equipment.
  • JSS Sport Co.,Ltd. - manufacturer, exporter of sporting goods and exersice equipment.
  • Life Fitness - manufacturer of commercial fitness equipment including computerized and weight stack strength training systems.
  • Longsporter Co., Ltd. - producing and exporting fitness and sporting goods.
  • Nautilus Fitness - for your exercise equipment and strength training needs.
  • Nebula Fitness - designs and manufactures a full line of free weight and selectorize machines, now being shipped worldwide.
  • Netpulse Communications, Inc. - upgrades health club cardiovascular equipment with touch screen monitors and Internet connections, so exercisers can surf the Web while they workout.
  • Powersport International - equipment manufacturers, all types of equipment, including equipmet for disabled atheletes.
  • Precor USA - manufactures home and commercial exercise equipment.
  • Pro Fitness Exercise Systems - manufacturer of selectorized and plate loaded machines, benches, and free-weight equipment.
  • Pulse Fitness - manufacturer of cardio, strength training, rehabilitation, and free weights equipment.
  • Stairmaster Sports/Medical Products, Inc. - manufactures and distributes fitness equipment.
  • True Fitness Technology Inc. - manufacturer of commercial and residental treadmills.
  • Vision Fitness - manufacturing exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers and heart rate monitors.
  • Yukon International Inc. - manufacturer of home gyms, weight machines, dumbbell sets, and gym accessories

  • Z-Lift Corporation - manufactures Body Weight Support Systems for athletic training and physical therapy/rehabilitation.
  • Ceppo's Gym Equipment, Inc.  : We offer patented Free-weight safety commercial/home gym exercise products that will enable individuals training Alone... without a Spotter...to lift Maximum weight in the dumbbell and barbell bench press. Sales reps/Dealer inquiries Welcome.UP50902


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