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Metals Processing Equipment, PLC, hydraulic, Powder coating, vacuum furnaces, alloy die casting, carbon control, CNC punching, steel processing, steel mill machinery
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 Metals Processing Equipment

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  • Lion Machinery Member - Metal-forming and fabricating equip. used by the HVAC, sheet metal and steel plate fabricating inds. View products, prices, and get contacts.
  • PMS Diecasting Limited - NEW - High pressure zinc alloy die casting. Powder coating and specialist finishing. 421
  • All Trend Manufacturers industrial vacuum furnaces for the cutting tool industry. Learn about product uses, find a list of services, and read updated news.
  • Carbon Control Innovative solutions for carbon control systems in heat treating furnaces. Advanced PLC based systems for heat treating control.
  • Equotip Hardness Tester For anyone looking for portable metal hardness testers. Online calibration device and accuracy statistics.
  • Euromac Production of metalworking machines, CNC punching machines, multi-purpose notching machines, and bending machines.
  • Franklin Manufacturing Manufactures CNC fabricating lines and various hydraulic equipment for the structural steel and metal building industry.
  • GEMCO Industries Based in the Netherlands, this company specializes in foundry and heat technology as well as specialty vehicles and workshop equipment.
  • Gala Group Manufactures centrifugal finishing machines, compressor valves, and precision sheet metal components. Factories in several Indian cities.
  • Galaxie Corporation Global buyer and seller of used steel processing and steel mill machinery provides its inventory selections.
  • Great American Equipment Cincinnati, OH, company sells used Cincinnati Milacron machinery. View a map to the headquarters, or register to learn about special deals.
  • Lucifer Furnaces Pennsylvania-based company manufactures industrial heat treating furnaces, ovens and kilns. Browse the product list, and find descriptions.
  • MAUTIN Machines Brazilian manufacturer of mechanics, pneumatics, and hydraulics for wire curving and tube blending. Peruse product images and descriptions.
  • Macri SRL Italian bending-machine company provides a brief overview of the firm, a products page, and contact information.
  • Macsoft Company produces numerically-operated wire bending and tube profiling machines. Check out product descriptions, and browse equipment photographs.
  • Nitrex Metal Incorporated Learn about heat treatment, furnaces, and metallurgy, or read newsletters and technical publications. Based in St. Laurent, Quebec.
  • Safety Clamps Manufactures plate and beam lifting clamps for steel handling. Find specifications and diagrams for each model.
  • Vacuum Metallizing Get details on a process that's similar to electroplating and see sample applications. Read the corporate profile and contact the Toronto office.



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