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  • Textile Machinery Directory Locate textile machinery manufacturers worldwide. Search by company name or type of equipment, or add a company to the directory.
  • Accessori Tessili Get information about this company's textile machinery, accessories, and parts in English or Italian. With a location map and links.
  • Atkins Machinery Sells used textile machinery and specializes in the international import and export of its products. See product descriptions.
  • AutoVision Supplier of automated imaging systems for assembly line inspection, including systems for the textiles industry. Review the products and FAQs.
  • Bondtex Find technical specifications, descriptions of apparel-fusing and textile-laminating machinery, and an explanation of bonding technology.
  • British Textile Machinery Assoc. Business resource, containing a searchable product directory, and hundreds of companies who are members of the BTMA. In five languages.
  • Century Inks Read about the permanent pens for textile marking manufactured by this company headquartered in India. See contact numbers and addresses.
  • Danti Paolo Italian manufacturer of textile finishing machines provides a company history, product details, and ordering and purchasing information.
  • Galli Spa Bilingual site provides info on this Italian manufacturer of machinery for the leathergoods industry, and info on its product range.
  • LastMaker Brazilian company makes a computer-controlled lathe for shoe lasts. View QuickTime videos of the lathe in action and find ordering details.
  • Marchon Textile Industries Indian textile machinery makers will work in collaboration with international markets to produce air compressors, dryers, and other machinery.
  • Melco Embroidery Systems Manufacturer and supplier of embroidery systems for the US and int'l markets. Includes info on its product range, upcoming trade shows, and news.
  • Milnor Laundry Machinery Milnor Laundry Machinery manufactures products like apparel processors , dryers, and plant automation equipment. Visit the showcase.
  • Norba Located in southern Spain, this company develops heel molding machinery for shoe manufacturers. Site is in English and Spanish.
  • R&C Supply Refurbishes cotton ginning equipment. Submit a request, and find parts including feed controls, cleaners, dryers, and bailers.
  • Sung Chang Textile Machine Company Read a company history of this Korean knitting machine maker, and learn about products, including high pile circular and flush fabric machines.
  • Tension Provide all types of bidirectional fiber tensioners and fiber unwinders. View pictures of products, find warranty details, and utilize contacts.
  • Tribeni Creations Indian apparel manufacturer and exporter describes its facility's machines and production abilities that can be contracted to apparel companies
  • P.T. Segoro Eco Mulyo - Founded in 1978 with collecting variouskind of textile waste. We're sortis, grading and exporting.
  • 4-Way Laminators, Inc. - a textile laminating company located in Northeast Connecticut.
  • Agmont Inc. - manufactures a range of circular knit fabrics for apparel.
  • Fabrics.net - profiles of a wide range of fabrics, locate distributors, and more
  • Alnet - largest manufacturers of synthetic textiles and netting
  • Atkins & Pearce, Inc.  - produces precision-braided textiles
  • Berwick Weaving, Inc. - Berwick Weaving is a commission weaver of broadwoven specialty fabrics.
  • Bharani Fabrics - for Quality Home Textiles
  • Bingham B.V.  - producer of covering materials and tensile constructions
  • Carnegie Textile Company - We offer a wide variety of quality cloths for virtually every use.
  • Central Textiles Ltd. - yarn producer in Asia
  • China Shenglong Velvet Group - offering velvet goods, including discharge-printed and burnout fabrics.
  • Cormier Textile Products - Converts industrial fabrics into protective sheeting, tarpaulins, insulated blankets, relief shelters, and more
  • Cotwold Industries, Inc. - Cotswold Industries Inc. has supplied individually tailored textile products to our customers for over 40 years.
  • D.S. Sewing, Inc. - manufacturer of banners and custom tarps for trucks, boats, and pools.
  • Daewoo Pusan - manufacturer of woven and non-woven textiles
  • Dexter Nonwovens - Dexter is a leading producer of wet form, spun lace and composite nonwovens.
  • Duracote Corporation - The world leader in laminating and textile fabrics
  • Eschler AG Textile Mill - manufacturer of knit fabrics for active sportswear
  • First Washington Net Factory - manufactures netting and twine
  • Harris Tweed Authority - offers virgin wool tweed that is dyed, spun, hand woven and more
  • Hollingsworth & Vose -industry leader in specialty, industrial and technical papers and nonwovens
  • J.D.Matthewman (Textiles) Ltd. - manufacturer and supplier of wool tartan scarves, rugs, throws blankets & fabric
  • JiangSu DingQiu Industry Enterprise, Ltd. - manufactures silk cloth and garments
  • Koh-Vera S.A.  - - manufacturer of knitted fabrics for apparel, furniture, and automobiles seeks investors
  • LaGran Canada Inc.  - LaGran is the leading Canadian manufacturer of warp knit fabrics and industrial webbing
  • Milliken & Company - A leading international textile and chemical firm, Milliken & Company is one of the world's largest privately held companies. With a rich history of innovative accomplishments and high quality products and services, it has been recognized with many awards and accolades." name="description
  • Mogul Spunbonded Nonwovens - manufactures polypropylene fabrics
  • Newtex - manufacturer of heat resistance safety clothing, textiles, paintable wallcoverings/wallpaper and more
  • Noam Urim Enterprises Ltd. - the largest and most modern fiber-processing plants in the Middle-East.
  • Precision Fabrics Group - Precision Fabrics Group, Inc. is a manufacturer of highly specified textile fabrics.
  • Rehmat Textiles Mill (Pvt) Ltd. - exporters of textile garments.
  • Samuel Lamonts - Quality textile manufactures
  • Siltex Mills  -  Siltex Mills produces Quality, Coordinated Textile Piece Goods, Trims, Collars, and Cuffs.
  • Rocky Mount Cord Company - We manufacture a complete line of round braided cords and twisted ropes made of cotton, nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene and more...
  • TC Baycor - major specialty weaver of industrial textile fabrics using primarily monofilament polypropylene yarns
  • Thai Silk Industries Co., Ltd. - manufactures and supplies Thai silk fabrics for bridal, apparel, furnishing, and upholstery industry.
  • Troy Mills, Inc. - Needle punched Non-Woven Textile Manufacturer
  • Weave Corporation - Mostly we make fabrics for upholstery.
  • Western Wadding Ltd. - Cotton and wool manufactures.
  • Yuan Peing Garment Co., Ltd.   - designs, develops, and manufactures polyester, nylon, and PVC netting cloth used for hats, shoes, decoration, sports, and construction.
  • Anchor Industries Inc - world's largest custom fabric product manufacturers
  • Anwar Industries   - Manufacturer and exporter of Laces , Braids , Elastic Tapes , Ribbon , Hang Tapes etc.
  • Astro-Form Corporation - designed to produce specialty / engineered Nonwoven products


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