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used parts, used equipment
Medical Equipment  - Suppliers

Medical Equipment, refurbished, used, laboratory, medical, audiology, blood Processing, X-Ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, mri, MRI, radiology, wheelchairs, surgical, pressure monitors, surgical, hospital, vamc, skilled care, lasers, ultrasounds, ramps, lifts, elevators, wheelchairs, scooters, diagnostic, pacemaker, CO2, N2O, rehab, pediatric, physical therapytors


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used parts

 Our Members: Suppliers of new/used parts and equipment

  • Amber Diagnostics - Member (supplier) - buys and sells used medical equipment, including x-ray, radiology, diagnostic, ultrasound, and more.
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 General Listing:
  • Advanced Applied Technologies, Inc. : provides medical gas field service and medical gas pipeline equipment.
  • Advantage Medical Electronics (AME) - manufactures and distributes cables, sensors, patient monitoring systems, and more.
  • Aeros Instruments, Inc. - manufacturer, contract assembler and distributor of air and oxygen flowmeters, electro-mechanical suction pumps, medical aspirators and vacuum regulators.
  • Excellent Medical Supplies, Inc. - sells new and used medical equipment and supplies.
  • A-MED Health Care Center - supplier of medical supplies and services for the physically challenged, specializing in the O'Neil catheter.
  • Aerotel - specializes in signal processing technology and is active in two distinct technology fields: telecommunication and telemedicine technology.
  • Aesculap Ltd - surgical instruments and orthopaedics manufacturers.
  • Airway Cam Technologies, Inc. - displays direct laryngoscopy and intubation as seen by the laryngoscopist.
  • AKW Medical - specializes in the sales and service of new and used/refurbished medical equipment for all specialties.
  • Alpha Communications - supplier of intercoms, video-intercoms, emergency and nurse-call systems, mail boxes, annunciators.
  • Alpha Omega, Inc. - offers pre-owned medical equipment, specializing in cardio-vascular.
  • Alpha-Omega Services, Inc. - radioisotopes and brachytherapy accessories.
  • Ambu International - self-inflating manual resuscitator.
  • American Equipment & Fabricating Corp. - full-service foundation equipment company, providing rental, sales, and service on a large array of items as well as detailed engineering design and equipment fabrication.
  • American Lab & Medical Equipment, Inc.
  • Amigo Mobility International, Inc. - development of mobility aids for people with walking disabilities.
  • Apollo Corporation - manufactures specialized whirlpool bathing equipment for healthcare facilities.
  • Arco Medic Ltd. - makers of FlexiBlade, a flexible adjustable laryngoscope blade for normal and difficult intubation.
  • Arjo USA, Inc. - offers ergonomically adapted lifting systems for therapy and transport, as well as personal hygiene products.
  • AssisTTec, Inc. - offers accessibility, mobility, and van adaptive lift products.
  • Atlantic Home Medical Supply
  • Augustine Medical, Inc - manufacturer of forced air warming products.
  • Australian Psychologist Press - distributors and trainers of psychological tests.
  • Autogenesis Inc. - manufactures medical automation products for orthopedics.
  • AVA International Management LLC - worldwide exporter of medical, surgical, patient monitoring, hospital and healthcare equipment, disposables and supplies.
  • B & L Engineering - designs, manufactures, and sells gait analysis equipment such as the Stride Analyzer, EMG Analyzer software, Active Surface EMG Electrodes, Footswitches, Pinch Gauges, and Scoop Dishes
  • B&B Medical Technologies Inc. - developing and marketing critical care, life-saving products for the health care industry.
  • B&B Recycling - recycling of medical parts.
  • Balt Extrusion - manufactures catheters for interventional neuroradiology and angioplasty.
  • Baron Health Care Services, Inc - providing therapeutic beds, overlays, and obese equipment.
  • Baylis Medical Company - supplier of medical products specializing in cardiology, electrophysiology, neurology, ecg/pacemaker and pain management products.
  • BC Group International, Inc. - sales, repair, and calibration of new and reconditioned test equipment for biomedical and clinical engineering.
  • Beckett Medical - provides home health care equipment, clinical and therapy services to the Delaware Valley region.
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Bio Plexus - manufacturer of safety healthcare devices.
  • Biocompatibles International - develops commercial applications and technology for eyecare, cardiology and urology.
  • Biodex Medical Systems - nuclear medicine, radiology, rehabilitation, physical medicine and orthopedic supplies and accessories.
  • Bioject Medical Technologies, Inc. - manufacturer of devices for needle-free subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.
  • Biosonics Inc - electro-therapeutic medical devices.
  • BioSterile Technology, Inc - applies expertise in electron beam technology for sterilization of medical waste and sterilization of medical devices and materials.
  • Blacklock Medical Products - distributor of phototherapy equipment and medical supplies such as adhesives and sutures.
  • Bloch Medical Equipment - Rich-Mar electro stimulation, whirlpools diatheomy, hydrocollators, etc.
  • Blue Ridge Products - manufacturer and supplier of disposable infection control products, including the Pano-plex disposable laryngoscope cover.
  • Brace Up - The Medical Store - braces and supports for every type of sports or work activity.
  • Bracesox - manufactures undersleeves for use with medical bracing systems.
  • Burlington Scientific - offering a broad range of medical equipment for physicians.
  • C & C Homecare, Inc. - medical equipment and services.
  • C.M.R., Inc. Central Medical Repair - medical repair and parts company dealing in Airsep, Caire, DeVilbiss, Healthdyne, Invacare, Nidek, Puritan Bennett oxygen concentrators, filters and more.
  • Cairfree Oxygen Pack - carry oxygen in lightweight pack.
  • Canadian Medical Resources Inc. - supplying reconditioned medical devices to medical doctors, clinics, veterinarians and hospitals worldwide.
  • Cape & Islands Oxygen and Supply Co.
  • Caravan International Corp.
  • Card Guard - telemedicine development and implementation. Worldwide deployment of homecare in cardio, COPD, asthma, fetal monitoring, telemetry.
  • Cardiac Evaluation Center - provider of holter and cardiac event monitoring services and equipment.
  • CardioPulmonary Technologies, Inc. - designs and manufactures respiratory sensors and monitoring technologies, for CO2, N2O, and respiratory mechanics analysis.
  • Care Rehab - physical therapy equipment and supplies specializing in patient rental equipment, such as tens, muscle stimulation, biofeedback, and range of motion splints.
  • CAS Medical Systems - developer, manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic equipment and medical products for the health care industry.
  • Casa Futura Technologies - electronic devices for stuttering.
  • Celsion Corporation - develops deep-focused heating medical equipment for the treatment of cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
  • Chowning and Associates, Inc. - provides medical equipment sales and service to the Mid-Atlantic.
  • CIMED - healthcare equipment and facilities
  • CITECH - provides independent medical device safety, performance and comparative testing service.
  • Cleanair Flow, Inc. - clean room design, construction and validation. Laminar flow hood and biological safety cabinet certification.
  • Commercial/Medical Electronics - used/refurbished medical equipment.
  • Computerized Medical Systems, Inc. - CM3-D RTP Systems.
  • Contemporary Products, Inc. - manufactures regulators, cylinders, aspirators, and respiratory disposables.
  • Medical Technologies LBI - manufactures and distributes dental and medical equipment and furniture.
  • Medicamat SA
  • Medico International Inc. - home health care provider offering products for wholesale/retail or as rentals.
  • Medico-Technique - products include infusion, infusion pump, syringe pump, pressure infusor, and pressure regulators.
  • Medicotest - manufacturer and distributor of ECG, EEG, EMG, neurology and electrotherapy electrodes.
  • Mediq prn Life Support Services, Inc. - supplier of rental medical equipment, disposable goods, asset management services for hospital and the healthcare industry.
  • Continental Medical, Inc. - distributors for new and used medical equipment, hospital equipment, medical supplies, spare parts, and rehabilitation equipment.
  • Cordell Medical - sells new and refurbished equipment to hospitals, physicians' offices, surgery centers and nursing homes.
  • CPAP-Direct.com, LLC. - offering a complete online catalog of CPAP equipment from major vendors including Healthdyne, NPB, Respironics, and ResMed.
  • CPR Medical Devices, Inc. - manufacturers of resuscitation/inhalation and ventillation devices for use in the emergency services field.
  • CraMar Technologies - offering parts and service for TomTec equipment.
  • Criticare Systems, Inc. - international medical device company.
  • Cryogenic Technologies, Inc. (CTI) - complete cryosurgical resection system with well-trained and experienced operator on a per case basis.
  • CTF Systems Inc. - manufacturers advanced, whole head MEG and EEG systems, for use in both clinical and research environments.
  • Cutting Edge - medical equipment remarketing company with full biomedical service and repair.
  • CW Health Care - medical equipment and supplies wholesaler. Sales, service and repair of major makes of wheelchairs and lifts.
  • CyberMEDS - medical equipment discount store including wheelchairs, scooters, pediatrics, and more.
  • CFK Concepts - developers of microdermabrasion equipment.
  • Chad Therapeutics - manufactures home oxygen systems designed for use by ambulatory oxygen patients.
  • Charter Medical, Ltd. - bioprocess bags and medical devices for the blood, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing industries.
  • Chesapeake Breathing Systems - specialty distributor of respiratory and critical care medical healthcare equipment and supplies as well as rentals and repairs.
  • Chindex - U.S.- China Industrial Exchange, Inc. is a sales repersentative in China and Hong Kong for U.S., European, and other manufacturers of high-technology medical equipment and other industrial machinery and scientific research instrumentation.
  • Cygnus, Inc. - engaged in the development and manufacture of diagnostic and drug delivery systems. focused on a painless, bloodless and automatic glucose monitoring device and transdermal drug delivery systems.
  • Datex-Ohmeda USA - supplier of anesthesia and critical care solutions.
  • Davco Pharmaceutical Home Health Care Services - provides medical and pharmaceutical supplies, including specialized women's health care products.
  • Dedicated Distribution - includes information on position statement, vendor listing, home health care product price list downloads, specials and more.
  • Deltex Medical, Inc. - Esophageal Doppler Monitor (EDM), a non-invasive, continuous cardiac function monitor.
  • Dermagraphix - international network of systematic, reproducible, comprehensive Mole Mapping Systems to enhance mole surveillance and increase the possibility of early detection of skin cancer.
  • Diagnostic Technology Systems - sells diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems and other high technology medical instruments.
  • Diagnostix Plus, Inc. - sells, trades, and rents nuclear medicine and nuclear cardiology products, accessories, equipment, parts, and supplies.
  • DM Systems, Inc. - manufactures AnkleTough, Heelift, and Cast Wedge.
  • Doctor Buylines - online medical equipment store.
  • Doctors Supply Group - chiropractic equipment and supply company.
  • DRE, Inc. - worldwide refurbisher of medical equipment.
  • Druzak Medical, Inc. - distributes medical supplies including oxygen, incontinent supplies, infectious control products, etc.
  • Durable Medical Equipment Resource Center - DMERC billing software & service bureaus for the DME/HME industry. Online HCPCS, UPIN, ICP9 lookups.
  • Dynamed Healthcare Systems - biomedical service company providing products, repair and calibration services for hospitals and medical device manufacturers in Canada.
  • Dynatronics Corporation - offers portable electrotherapy and ultrasound products.
  • ECM Corportion - history and description of the Ray-Marshall Line Guard catheter shield.
  • Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc - bar code labels for medical tubes and slides.
  • Elemental Design - clinical product development.
  • Elite Respiratory Company - supplier of respiratory care equipment and supplies for commercial and residential customers.
  • EMA - manufacturing and distributing company, makes skin care and electromedical equipment.
  • Emergency Medical International, Inc. - emergency vehicles, coronary, respiratory and general medical equipment.
  • Empire Ventures International - dialysis supplies and equipment.
  • Encore Group Inc., The - new and used medical equipment.
  • Endure Medical, Inc. - sells new and used surgical microscopes for ophthalmology, ENT, OB/GYN and plastics. Welsh Portable Missions Microscope. Video packages available for scopes. Used Zeiss, Wild, Moller scopes.
  • EquipSystems - cleans and repairs all types of non-electric patient care and dietary equipment for hospitals.
  • ER Medical - home medical equipment at factory prices.
  • Erie Home Medical Equipment Co., Inc. - oxygen is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We offer a full line of new or used equipment, supplies and accessories.
  • eStethoscope.com - offers 3M Littmann stethoscopes.
  • Etch-It - laser engraving for stethoscopes.
  • Evergreen Medical Group - buy and sell pre-owned medical equipment.
  • Exacon Scientific A/S - temperature sensors for patient care.
  • Excorim - develops, manufactures, and markets products and services to treat patients with immune related diseases.
  • Exel International
  • Expomed Inc. - sells a variety of products that have applications for the professional in the medical field to the health and safety conscious consumer.
  • EZ Code Industries - electronic ICD-9 coding in the palm of your hand.
  • Fall-Care Medical Systems - fall-prevention and restraint reduction products.
  • FemRx, Inc. - device manufacturer focusing on alternatives to hysterectomy.
  • First Home Health - provider of home health nursing, aides, medical equipment, pharmacy, physicians, hospice, oxygen, prosthesis, therapists and therapy.
  • First Internet Medical Bookstore - source of current medical information in print and electronic media and medical instruments.
  • FLEX, Inc - provider of reusable flexible endoscopic accessories direct to clinics, dr's offices, vets etc.
  • Focus Respiratory Care
  • Freedom Medical - specializes in the sale, rental, parts, and servicing of infusion pumps.
  • Future Health Concepts - remanufactured medical equipment.
  • Gallant Medical Supply - home medical equipment and hospital supplies, oxygen, patient aids, wheelchairs, three wheeled scooters, motorized lift chairs, and more.
  • Glenn Medical Systems - providers of parts, repairs, sales and leasing of all brands of oxygen concentrators.
  • Glenwood - niche pharmaceutical and medical device company that manufactures, markets and distributes a diverse range of proprietary products for the healthcare market.
  • Goodman Co., Ltd. - importer, distributer, designer and manufacturer of cardiology, neurology, and other products for the Japanese market.
  • Group De Estudios Multicentricos En Argentina (GENA)
  • Gynecare, Inc. - develops and markets medical devices to treat uterine disease. A division of Ethicon, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company.
  • Génie Audio Inc. - distributor of medical equipments specializing in audiology & neurology.
  • HaeMedic AB - Swedish medical marketing company specialising in hospital and laboratory disposables, such as capillary blood sampling devices and blood lancets.
  • Hamilton Medical - provides durable medical equipment to help individuals with chronic conditions.
  • Harvard Apparatus - drug infusion and sample injection equipment.
  • Hausmann Industries - provides medical and therapy equipment.
  • HBA International Inc. - sells fetal monitors, defibrillators, ultrasounds, beds, ECG monitors to hospitals, clinics and emergency medical services.
  • Health Care Information Corporation - providers of health care television and patient education entertainment systems for hospitals and health care facilities.
  • Health Care Logistics, Inc - specializes in unique and hard to find healthcare items that have applications in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Healthlinc International - offer a broad range of used medical equipment primarily for export.
  • HemoCleanse - manufactures sorbent-based blood treatment systems for the treatment of acute hepatic coma and drug overdose.
  • Hermedico - maker of special equipment for dealing with diabetes.
  • Hertz Supply Company - provides Völker beds for health care facilities, hospice, or home.
  • High Point Servicenter Inc. - provides oxygen concentrator and lox liquid oxygen service and repair.
  • High Technology, Inc - reconditioned laboratory equipment dealer.
  • Hill-Rom Company, Inc. - products include beds, therapy surfaces, room furniture, modular wall systems, medical gas management systems, stretchers, surgical columns, and lighting.
  • HME Webnet - home medical equipment and dealer to dealer exchange.
  • Holl Meditronics Inc. - medical, therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment primarily used for the active and passive exercise of legs and arms.
  • Home Aid - medical equipment and supply needs.
  • Homelife Health Care - buy, sell and service used and new health care equipment.
  • Hospeq International, Inc. - sell new, used and reconditioned medical equipment, hospital equipment, medical supplies, spare parts, and rehabilitation equipment and supplies.
  • HPMS, Inc - supplier specializing in rehabilitation equipment, electrotherapy, and electrodes.
  • HTL Acoustics - sales, service and calibration of audiometric equipment.
  • Hydro Spa Consulting - resort spa and day spa equipment provider including hydrotherapy, skin care and massage products.
  • Hygiene Guard - system is an active infrared hand washing documentation system which records all hand washing activity at any sink or hand washing station.
  • I-Flow Corporation - offers infusion delivery products.
  • Ideal Homecare - home medical equipment and services.
  • IGEA s.r.l. - digital technology for medicine; microelectronics and advanced software systems.
  • IITC Inc
  • Inhealth Technologies - features the Blom-Singer tracheoesophageal voice restoration devices for Total Laryngectomees.
  • Instrumed - scientific instrumentation for the industrial and medical laboratory, supplying used medical equipment.
  • Integrated Medical Systems, Inc. - offers medical instrument and equipment repair on even unrepairables.
  • Integrity Medical Systems, Inc. - distributors and refurbishers of diagnostic imaging equipment.
  • Intercall Systems, Inc. - designing and manufacturing nurse call and intercommunications systems.
  • Interlabs Corporation - supplier for cameras, monitors, printers for medical applications.
  • ISS, Inc. - clinical engineering and medical equipment repair and maintenance services.
  • iSYMED GmbH - systems for medical care.
  • J. Hewitt Incorporated - manufacaturer and distributor of healthcare products including ear piercing equipment, antiseptics and skin care products.
  • Jensen Medical - specialists in home health care and rehabilitation equipment sales and service.
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Book Center - medical, nursing, public health, and allied health products and info, including books, software, equipment, models, charts, clothing and more.
  • Jolley Consulting and Research, Inc. - fluorescence polarization instruments and assay services.
  • Kees Goebel Medical Specialties - provides equipment and supplies for therapy or rehabilitation applications.
  • Kinetic Biomedical Services, Inc. - customized clinical equipment management programs that combine all existing hospital equipment support elements into a service stressing quality, safety and cost containment.
  • Kleen Pen - pen and pencil sanitizing tool.
  • Krider Pharmacy & Gifts - offering complete prescription service, rentals and sales of most types of medical equipment, and a gift department that includes collectibles, cards, and candy.
  • Lancet Corporation - distributes new and refurbished medical equipment.
  • Lauder Enterprises, Inc. - supplier of products and services for the laryngectomee including artificial larynx, amplifiers, and eletrolarynges.
  • Lemargo Inc. - reagents, pharmaceuticals and scientific instruments for research & hospitals.
  • Life Medical Equipment - wholesaler and retailer of refurbished and new hospital,laboratory and diagnostic equipment,with an in-house bio-medical repair service.
  • Lifestyle & Rehabilitation
  • Light-Tech, Inc. - lightweight halogen headlights, 3250k° at 10 watts for color rendition of a white light.
  • Luminex Corporation - delivers multiplexing solutions for bioassays.
  • M&M Mammography Products Corporation
  • Magstim Company US, LLC - provides nerve monitoring products, support, and repair services.
  • Masters Medical - specialises in TENS machines for the temporary relief of pain.
  • Maxim Mobility - provider of durable medical equipment, specializing in motorized and manual wheelchairs.
  • McMahon Medical, Inc.
  • MCP Equipment, Inc. - remarketer of radiation therapy equipment specializing in linear accelerators and simulators.
  • MDB Information Network - database on medical technology equipment and manufacturers.
  • Measurement Concepts - provides stadiometer and infantometer anthropometric instruments for measuring stature and recumbent length.
  • Med-E-Kwik - online sales of home medical equipment and supplies for the physically challenged.
  • Med-e-Quip - provides hospital and home equipment, including mobility products, bathroom items, and respiratory devices.
  • MEDAP - Gas supply systems, suction and collection units, respiratory therapy equipment, gas controllers and emergency equipment.
  • Medelco - sells preowned/used medical equipment.
  • MedEX Inc. - specializes in new and refurbished medical equipment.
  • Medi-tech - diagnostic and therapeutic devices and services for less invasive image guided procedures.
  • MediBadge - produces stickers, novelties and motivational awards for children's visits to medical or dental facilities.
  • Medica Corporation - provides independant sales representation in the Florida market to companies offering medical and surgical technology products.
  • Medical Comfort Specialists - offering pads and positioners for medical imaging, wheelchair, and other applications.
  • Medical Endoscopy Services, Inc. - repairs on endoscopes and surgical instruments, fiber optic cables, air hoses, power drivers and more.
  • Medical Equipment Registry, Inc. - buying and selling prime used medical equipment for medical professionals.
  • Medical Equipment Repair Services - specialize in the repair of medical equipment, especially chiropractic devices.
  • Medical Equipment Resources - buys, sells, and services medical equipment throughout the United States and overseas. Radiology, Laboratory, and Surgery Equipment.
  • Medical Equipment Vienna (MEV) - medical equipment trading, hospital planning, and medical supply.
  • Medical Expertise Diffusion International - buys and sells used, refurbished medical equipments under warranty.
  • Medical Gas Technology, Inc. (MGT) - provides installation, repair, maintenance, testing, and certification of medical gas delivery systems.
  • Medical Plastics Lab, Inc. - anatomical reproductions, skeletons, manikins, rotoplastics, medical, plastics and more.
  • MEDPRO Midwest Group - provides on-site medical equipment repair for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and medical offices.
  • MedPro, Inc. - the Needlyzer is a Class 3 medical device that reduces hypodermic needles and other sharps into an inert metal oxide in powdered form.
  • MedRx, Inc. - medical and veterinary products.
  • MedX Corporation - testing, exercise, evaluation and rehabilitation equipment.
  • Meridian - developer of alternative medicine related medical equipments.
  • Metropolitan Medical Services of NC, Inc. - medical equipment maintenance specializing in anesthesia related equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Micro-tech Medical, Inc - manufacture bed alarms, chair alarms and other fall prevention devices.
  • MicroClimate Systems - specializes in systems for personal body temperature management, serving the medical, personal, and industrial markets.
  • Micropigmentation Devices - manufacturing micropigmentation and dermabrasion devices.
  • Milcare, Inc. - provides integrated systems of movable modular casework, carts and seating products, programs and services.
  • MLA Systems, Inc. - patient transfer systems.
  • MMD Medical Supply - offers a variety of supplies for home care.
  • MN Medical - selling reconditioned hemodialysis equipment and disposable products/parts related to dialysis and water treatment systems for dialysis units and clinics.
  • MolecuCare - manufacturers of air and water purification equipment with patented steady-state chamber using ultraviolet properties.
  • Morgan Associates - distributor of scooters, lifts, respiratory equipment, oxygen concentrators, and other medical equipment.
  • Morrell Instruments - microscopes, optical inspection equipment, digital video imaging systems, and precision measurement equipment distributors.
  • Mortara Instrument - designer, developer, and supplier of electrocardiography systems.
  • Mortech Manufacturing Company - post mortem equipment.
  • MPACS, LLC - motion picture archiving and communications systems, manufactures and sells products for telecardiology and echocardiography image management.
  • NAmSA - providing testing services to the medical device industry.
  • Narang Enterprises - exporters of hospital, surgical, dental, medical goods including sthethoscopes, scalpel blades, suture needles, rubber and stainless steel goods.
  • Nasorcap Medspec Inc. - manufacturing an oral/nasal ETCO2 monitoring/oxygen delivery product.
  • NDT International, Inc. - instrumentation, supplies, and services for the non-destructive testing industry.
  • Needle Specialty Products Corporation
  • Nepenthe - home medical equipment including incontinence items, wheelchairs, walkers, first aid, and latex gloves.
  • Netech - manufacturers of biomedical test instruments, arrhythmia and patient simulators, electrical safety analyzers, pressure/vacuum gas flow meters, pacemaker, defibrillator analyzers, fda registered.
  • Network Concepts, Inc. - designs and manufactures network based medical instrumentation.
  • Neuro Care - electronic medical systems, offering non-surgical treatment for Carpal Tunnel, repetetive motion syndromes, and circulatory related health problems.
  • NeuroCom International, Inc. - design, development, production and sale of medical devices for the assessment and rehabilitation of patients with balance and mobility problems.
  • Newport Medical Instruments - makers of ventilators that are applicable for infants, pediatrics and adults.
  • Nobel Biocare - products include Brĺnemark dental implants.
  • Nonin Medical, Inc - makers of noninvasive medical monitors.
  • Northwest Enteral Supply, Inc.
  • Novamedix - the A-V Impulse System benefits patients through improved circulation.
  • Nurse Exporter, Inc. - specializes in new, used, and refurbished medical and hospital equipment and supplies.
  • NY Med-Equip - specializes in new/used medical and diagnostic equipment, such as EKGs, portable heart monitors and more.
  • Ohmeda - maker of critical care equipment and pharmaceuticals.
  • OrthoCo, LLC - distributor of orthotics and durable medical equipment including back supports and braces, wheelchairs, pillows, and hot/cold therapy products.
  • Otoscopes - created by a physician, for physicians now available to consumers.
  • Oxford Instruments - patient monitoring company that serves healthcare professionals working in cardiology, neurophysiology and obstetrics.
  • Parker Medical - makers of UltraScope, a pressure sensitive stethoscope that can be customized.
  • PCI Medical - manufacturer of ductless fume heads for glutaraldehyde and other chemicals.
  • Perclose Inc. - designs, develops, manufactures and markets minimally invasive systems used to surgically close arterial access sites in catheterization procedures such as angioplasty and angiography.
  • Phipps & Bird - manufacturer of equipment for water and wastewater treatment, biology and physiology labs, and medical uses.
  • Physiologic Reps, Inc. (PRI) - buys/sells pre-owned medical and surgical equipment. Specializing in lasers for surgical, ophthalmic, and cosmetic applications.
  • Piloian Medical - providing comfortable housing for drainage appliances.
  • Precision Extrusion - design and manufacturing of thermoplastic tubing for the medical industry.
  • Preferred Medical Specialties, Inc. - buys and sells new and used neurology instrumentations for EP, EMG, and EEG's.
  • Premier Dental Products Company - manufactures and distributes dental and medical products through a network of authorized dealers around the world.
  • Prime Engineering/Axiom Industries, Inc. - specializing in standing frames, assisted standing devices and products for the medical, rehab, pediatric, physical therapy, and occupational therapy fields.
  • Production Engineering - Medical Equipment Division - used medical equipment.
  • ProMed EXPO - for those involved in the purchasing, selling, financing, or servicing pre-owned medical equipment. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida on June 7 - 9, 1999.
  • Protek-Health Inc. - manufactures and distributes medical and dental disposable garments, surgical masks, head coverings and full face protection for infection control.
  • Provider Plus, Inc. - on-line source for the purchase of medical products.
  • Pulse Biomedical, Inc. - contemporary devices and software for the medical industry. Our principal products are resting ECG and stress testing.
  • Puma Medical Export, Inc. - distributor of new and used refurbished medical mammography equipment, radiology imaging equipment, CT scanners, and more.
  • PUVA Combi Light - manufacturer of dermatological PUVA equipment for psoriasis treatment.
  • Quality Monitor Systems - sales and service of Hewlett Packard medical equipment. Pre-owned equipment and parts are stocked in depth.
  • Quality Monitor Systems, Inc. - sales and service of Hewlett Packard medical equipment.
  • Quest Technologies, Inc. - manufactures industrial hygiene instrumentation including noise dosimeters, sound level meters, heat stress monitors, portable gas monitors, and QuestSuite data management software.
  • Rankin Biomedical Corporation - source for pre-owned and refurbished medical equipment.
  • Raspberry Med, Inc. - charting rack systems available to support and facilitate the decentralizaion of patient record keeping from the nurse's station to the patient's room.
  • Redmed - provides service, repair, and installation of medical equipment, including preventive maintenance.
  • Refractec, Inc. - device supports the Intrastromal Conductive Keratoplasty (ICK) eye surgery procedure.
  • Reliable Medical Supply, Inc. - medical equipment and services.
  • Replacement Parts Industries, Inc. - replacement parts for hospital, biomedical, medical, dental and laboratory equipment.
  • Rescue Tools and Equipment - features professional rescue tools and equipment.
  • Respiratory Distributors Inc. (RDI) - offers brand and generic pharmaceuticals, and respiratory equipment.
  • Respiratory Equipment Support Services, Inc. - provides respiratory products, parts, and services.
  • Respiratory Home Care, Inc. - specializes in home respiratory equipment, and related home services.
  • RFSU Rehab AB - aids for the physically disabled.
  • Rich-Mar Corporation - product line of ultrasound and stimulation equipment.
  • Rite Time Face-Prone Positioning Recovery Equipment - eye surgery recovery equipment for vitrectomy patients to maintain face-down positioning 24/hrs/day for 2/weeks for detached retinas or macular holes.
  • RJC Enterprises - offering fiber optic sensors for medical applications.
  • RN+ Systems - medical product manufacturer and seller of patient monitors for fall prevention, restraint reduction in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • ROHO Inc. - maker of therapeutic cushioning products.
  • Rovers Polska - producer of medical devices in the fields of cytology, gynecology and hospital hygiene.
  • Salzmann Ag, Salzmann Medico - instruments for vein surgery, medical compression stockings for varicose veins.
  • Saphirwerk Industrieprodukte AG - specialized in manufacturing components of ultra-hard materials in high precision.
  • Saratoga Diagnostics - specializing in new and pre-owned diagnostic and surgical equipment.
  • SB Medco-Acumed Instruments - manufactures and distributes otological ventilation tubes, ear protection products, surgical drills and surgical burs for the ENT physician.
  • Schiller Canada - poducts include cardiovascular dopplers, ecg management, holter recording, spirometry, nibp, monitoring.
  • Schnabel and Co BV - reseller of medical equipment.
  • Scooter Store, The - Representing over 20 scooter models and accessories to help individuals regain their mobility and independence.
  • Scotmed Ltd - healthcare superstore.
  • Sechrist Industries - information on wound healing services, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and respiratory products.
  • Sercom - provides repair, calibration and sales of a broad range of scientific, medical and industrial equipment.
  • Servox Inton Electrolarynx - reacquistion of speech after laryngectomy.
  • Siemens Health Care Services
  • Siemens Oncology Care Systems - develops and markets a wide range of radiation oncology products.
  • SK Enterprise Co. - exporter of advanced dental and hospital equipment and dry cleaning machines.
  • SleepNet Corporation - maker of sleep apnea medical devices including DPAP, an interactive CPAP and the Phantom Nasal Mask.
  • Smith & Nephew - includes products for Endoscopy, ENT, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and wound care.
  • Smith and Nephew Rehabilitation - develops self-help products for people who are homebound.
  • Solmed - offers an inflatable, full immersion bath for the bed confined, invalid patient.
  • Sopro - endoscopic cameras designer and manufacturer for surgery, dentistry and veterinary.
  • South Eastern Medical Equipment - for new, demo and refurbished medical equipment.
  • Southpaw Enterprises, Inc. - therapy, supplier of therapeutic equipment, primarily on the sensory integration and neruo-developmental fields.
  • Span America Medical Systems - specializes in devices for pressure management and patient positioning.
  • Sportaid - Medaid - wheelchairs and medical supplies.
  • Standard Imaging - Middleton, WI - manufactures well chambers and electrometers for calibration and quality assurance measurements of brachytherapy isotopes.
  • Stanley Gomez Sdn. Bhd. - medical rubber service provider.
  • Sterile Technology Industries, Inc. - provides autoclave sterilization systems for regulated medical, infectious, and clinical waste.
  • Sterilizer Refurbishing Service Inc - cleans sterilizer chambers and sells racks and shelving plus sterilizing accessories.
  • Stethoscopes Direct - stethoscopes, otoscopes, and more.
  • Stethoscopes.org - selling discount products for students and teachers in the medical sciences. Includes secure on-line shopping.
  • Stethoscopesonline.com - 3M Littmann stethoscopes.
  • Stockyard Medical - remarkets and offers pre-owned medical and surgical equipment.
  • Stoeckert Instrumente - perfusion systems technology for open heart surgery.
  • Stormoff Ltd. - vendor of medical equipment.
  • S.S.Medident Instruments (Pvt) Ltd. - We wish to introduce ourselves as the bonafide manufacturers of top quality dental-surgical-veterinary instruments and stainless steel hospital wares. We have iso-9002 quality systems certificate and gmp (fda) usa. We are seeking worldwide sole-selling distributors of our products.
  • Superior Medical Equipment and Supply - provides medical products including neurological devices, needle-free injectors, and vitamist.
  • Surgicon Limited - providing medical and surgical supplies.
  • Suru Group of Companies - manufacturer of surgical suture, catheter, medical disposable devices, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic raw materials.
  • Susquehanna Micro Inc - service, repair, and upgrade respiratory, PFT, and other medical equipment for hospitals and doctors offices.
  • Suttong Medical Systems Division - medical researcher and technology developer of medical equipment and instruments including iris-diagnosis devices and laser therapy systems.
  • Symphon Chemical Corp. - produce medical adhesive plasters and first aid dressing.
  • T S Medical - specializing in used medical and hospital equipment.
  • T.H.I. Medical - home medical equipment including oxygen, walking aids, lift chairs, and electric scooters.
  • TCS Scientific - primarily a manufacturer (OEM) of medical equipment and related technologies developed in-house or "build to print" for a product developed elsewhere.
  • Tecfen Corporation - markets ophthalmic and otological products and facial implants, emergency and rescue equipment and outdoors products.
  • Technology Transfer, Inc. - pocket-size, portable dry-electrode ECG/EKG machine can store 9 minutes of data on 15 patients. Provides Immediate Feedback of ECG wave for rapid patient screening.
  • Technosite - manufacturing for biomedical, medical orthopaedics and implants.
  • Telemedisys - cardiac & health monitoring services, medical records.
  • Thera Tech Equipment - supplier of durable medical equipment, specializing in renting Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices.
  • Thermal Systems International - offers Vaxicool, a solar-powered, energy efficient refrigeration unit for the transport of vaccines.
  • TherOx, Inc. - develops, manufactures, and markets minimally invasive products for the delivery of supersaturated oxygen solutions to deprived tissue.
  • Total Medical Systems, Inc. - sells medical products for nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.
  • TR Med, Inc. - offers reconditioned medical equipment sales, specializing in diagnostic imaging and biomedical equipment.
  • Trace Medical Connection - providing a connection between buyers and seller of used medical and surgical equipment.
  • Transtracheal Systems, Inc. (TTS) - designs, manufactures and markets respiratory therapy products.
  • TriMed, Inc. (TMI) - offers medical, dental, and laboratory equipment.
  • TRL Systems - fire alarm, nurse call, and communications systems for the healthcare industry.
  • Troy Biologicals, Inc. - supplies for microbiology, medicine and veterinary science.
  • Trudell Medical International - designs and manufactures aerosol delivery devices and asthma management products.
  • TTL Medical - contract manufacturer and converter of custom medical tape and disposable medical devices.
  • Télécardia - portable electrocardiograph.
  • UltraVoice - artificial larynx for laryngectomees which is built into an upper denture.
  • UltraWave Designs - research and development of acoustic medical devices using computer modeling.
  • Uni-Cath Inc. - develops cardiovascular devices, catheters & other related technology systems. Export to Latin America,Europe & Middle East.
  • Unicell, Inc. - manufacturing material handling storage and cart systems for the health care industry.
  • United Medical Technologies, Corp. - sells used diagnostic imaging, radiology, and x-ray systems.
  • Universal Hospital Services - medical equipment rentals.
  • Universal Medical - manufacturer of transtelephonic cardiac monitors.
  • Unzer Discount Surgical Stockings
  • Used Equipment World, Inc. - buying and selling used equipment.
  • Valley Medical Equipment Co. - new and reconditioned monitors, surgery tables, autoclaves, operating lights, hospital beds and more.
  • Varitek Inc. - specializing in medical display monitors.
  • Venture Enterprises International, Inc. - used medical equipment.
  • Verimed International, Inc. - manufactures surface electromyographic (SEMG) biofeedback devices used to reeducate muscles for rehabilitation and urinary incontinence.
  • VGM & Associates - durable and home medical equipment dealers across the nation.
  • Video Dynamics, Inc. - medical and industrial micro video camera manufacturing and distribution.
  • Vimpex, Inc. - export organization specialiazing in medical, hospital, diagnostic imaging equipment and supplies.
  • Volkner System - mattress overlay and mattress replacement, made for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores, stages I through IV.
  • W.T. Farley Inc.
  • Wardall Engineering - sterilizers test and maintenance engineers for bed pan washers and autoclaves.
  • Wessington Cryogenics - manufacturer of cryogenic storage vessels for research, medical and industrial applications.
  • Wex Technologies Inc. - produces medical devices and pharmaceutical products in Canada, Hong Kong and China. Publicly traded on the Alberta Stock Exchange.
  • Whitehall Manufacturing - manufactures hydrotherapy and healthcare products such as stainless steel plumbing fixtures, heat therapy, cold packs, surgical scrub sinks, whirlpools, bedside patient handling systems.
  • Whittemore Enterprises, Inc. - offering used/reconditioned anesthesia, cardiology, surgical, endoscopy, hospital, and laboratory equipment.
  • Wil-Med Global, Inc. - re-manufactured dialysis equipment.
  • Wilburn Medical, Inc. - specialty medical product dealer of Norland, Cholestech, Bayer and other medical device companies.
  • Wisconsin Association Of Medical Equipment Services - to support the success of all providers in dealing with a complex and changing environment.
  • Wuestec - manufacturer of radiography, fluoroscopy, chiropractic, and digital x-ray equipment.
  • www.stethoscopes.com
  • Acuity International Inc. : delivers contemporary western medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical technology to Asian countries where the availability of treatment has lagged far behind the demand for quality care.
  • About PhysioPlasty - specialized in bringing skin conditionning equipment and technics to health and beauty practitionners.
  • AccuMed LLC - makers of InterMed 1000, a neuromuscular stimulation device for pain management
  • Ablation Technologies - implantable thermal ablation technology for the potential treatment of localized tumors such as prostate cancer.
  • Advanced Safety Products - products from over 50 manufacturers, including ramps, lifts, elevators, wheelchairs, and scooters.
  • Yes I Can - selling medical equipment that helps everyone achieve the highest level of function and independence.
  • Zhejiang Native Produce & Animal By-Products Import & Export Corp - Hawk endoscopy system, laparoscope, thoracoscope, arthroscope, etc.
  • Total Medical Systems - long term care product specialists-nrsng hms, hospital, vamc, skilled care. Recliners, emergency carts, flotation, positioning.510
  • BTL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES -  We are a manufacturer of the whole rage of top-end physiotherapy products (lasers, ultrasounds, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy etc.), as well as the cardiology and examination couches. 418
  • IITC LIFE SCIENCE -  IITC manufactures animal laboratory research equipment. Non-invasive blood pressure equipment, hot plates, tail flicks, incapacitance meters, catheters, restrainers, syringe pumps, & More. 420
  • Swann-Morton Limited -  Manufacturer of sterile and non-sterile surgical blades, handles and scalpels. Medical devices are CE marked and FDA approved.421


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