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 Film Production Equipment

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  • Century Productions, Inc. - providing remote mobile units, television production equipment and crews to the television and film industry.
  • Christensen Production Services - rental and sales of film cameras, lighting & grip equipment.
  • Volkin Electronics, Inc. is stocking distributor of board level components including but not limited to: Semiconductors (ICíS, memory, micro controllers, CPUís, etc.), Capacitors (Tantalum, Ceramic), & more servicing OEM; CEM; Distributors; Engineers and commercial customers of computers, telecomms, industrial, medical equipment, automobiles, gaming and other.
  • Cintel - services include video imaging and film to video transfer in post-production.
  • Colossal Sound Services - sells new and used broadcast, film, and recording equipment.
  • Composite Components Company - traveling matte backings for composite photography.
  • Digital Editing Solutions - Avid film editing system sales and rentals for film, video, and television productions.
  • Editorial Equipment Parts Company - specializing in various film editing equipment and supplies.
  • ESS International
  • Gamma & Density Co., Inc. - color chart and telecine set-up film strips improve the accuracy and consistency of color and contrast for film-to-tape video dailies.
  • Hollywood Film Company - manufacturer of motion picture equipment and distributor of Agfa motion picture film.
  • Image Realm, Ltd. - offering used cinematic equipment including cameras, projectors, viewfinders, movie lenses, and new Super8 equipment.
  • Jubilee Rose Enterprises - film and video time code calculators.
  • Lighting & Production Equipment, Inc. - lighting and production equipment rental house which also provides grip trucks, generators, and lighting design.
  • Magnatech Magna-Tech Electronic Co. - carrying film dubbers, recorders, looping systems, projectors,and other post production equipment.
  • Millenium Films/Production Specialties - providing film and video production, and equipment rental and repair to the Pacific Rim.
  • Mobile Production Service - cameras, lighting, HMIs, grip and electrical location truck rentals, sound studio/stage rentals, jim arms, camera insert car - film/video production rental equipment.
  • Nagra USA, Inc. - professional audio products for motion pictures, broadcast news, and post-production studios.
  • NalPak Sales, Inc. - makers of film and video production accessories and the Tuffpak carrying case for tripods and guns.
  • Novomagnetics - magnetic sound recording film for 16mm and 35mm, print striping, audio tape products and splicing tape, serving post production facilities worldwide.
  • Omnicon Digital Post Production - Australia - combining state-of-the-art equipment with a creative staff. Providing a wide variety of film editing and video dubbing services.
  • PC&E Atlanta - motion picture sound stage production facility, film and video production equipment, lighting, grip and film camera rental.
  • Power Broker - inventory of pre-owned professional motion picture equipment.
  • Studio Film & Tape - distributor of film and tape products for studio and independent filmmakers with with offices in Hollywood, Chicago, and New York City.
  • Studio Services Inc. - rents specialized truck equipment to the Motion Picture Industry. Also the product placement representatives for Porsche Cars of North America.
  • Technical Repair Services - offering repair and rental services for motion picture production and editing equipment.
  • Trew Audio, Inc. - sales, rentals, and repair of audio and communications equipment for film, video and studio.
  • Visual Products, Inc.
  • Whitehouse Audio Visual - providers of sales and service of new and used motion picture camera equipment, specializing in Steadicam.
  • Wide Screen Software - makers of sun tracking software and related optical sighting instruments.
  • World-Classifieds - source for used video, camera, filmmaking, music and testing equipment.



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